Achieving Happiness

October 23, 2007


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Elizabeth Perry

I love my blog over at Friendster, but recently it’s become difficult to put pictures in so I thought I’d find a new site to continue it.

Kim, who’s my number one critic, has been long bugging me to move my blog, and so far I’ve resisted. I don’t like changes when am already comfortable; I don’t like being pressured. What I don’t mind, however, is making decisions for myself. I’m actually an impulsive person, but I can control it (by throwing a coin into a fire, retrieving it and then pressing it against my wrist) and so I don’t get into scrapes too often.

I started my blog in 2005, and its now almost 2008. I’ve posted at least 300 times in the original site, and for the most part they were ramblings and musings and complaints and rants and occasional expressions of rapture and delight. I really don’t think there’ll be any changes here – except now I’ll be able to post pictures, yay!

Am actually starting a new phase in my life, new work, working with different Kasamas, trying to lose a little weight around the waist (haha, but true -gad, it’s beginning to look like I have an inflated lifesaver around my middle) and attempting to be less quick-tempered and easily agitated.

I’ve long made the realization that being disciplined takes freakin discipline, and it’s really hard work. I can name at least five things I would be rather doing than working – writing fiction, watching movies, walking my dog, putting up a garden and learning to cook; but when I do get free time, I end up in bed reading and there are crumbs everywhere and the glasses in the sink are piling up and before I know it, its time to go to bed but I have to get rid of the crumbs first and wash the glasses in the sink.

So keeping this blog is one thing that helps me keep disciplined. It’s ritual, there’s rhythm in it, it’s habit. I should really keep better habits like, well, keeping my personal journal updated (this blog is hardly the repository of my private thoughts — the things here are for the most part descriptions of what’s floating at the surface. My private thoughts are way less sane and ordered, but hey, they’re only between me and myself so what the heck. )

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  1. uy! sketch mu ba ito? kakainggit naman! hehe

    Comment by adarna — October 24, 2007 @ 4:29 am

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