Achieving Happiness

October 24, 2007

Creation as responsibility

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My friend Raymond Letourneau once told me that I should take solace in the fact that good music is created everyday. Songs that make one feel and think, and even to take positive action.

I’m also grateful that meaningful art is also born everyday – they take shape not inside airconditioned galleries, but in the streets, alleyways, sidewalks.

Creation is such a responsible act because you present whatever it is you’ve come up with to the world. Your art either contributes to society (for the cause of humanity’s liberation from its weaknesses) or it’s just decoration (something to temporarily amuse) or worse, yet another thing that will add to the confusion and the proliferation of lies.


The goal of every artist should be to use his/her talent and gifts to contribute to some great and noble end; to aid in the destruction of that which stands in the way of humanity’s freedom from exploitation and greed; and to be part in the construction of what will replace what has been destroyed.

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