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October 25, 2007

Stop the world I want to get offffff!

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Little people

Okay, now Malacanang allies are hitting Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio, saying that the the priest turned politician and whistleblower is just trying to get media mileage in preparation for his supposed plans to run for president in 2010.

Ano daw?! Candama Mayor Jerry Pelayo, spokesperson of the Pampanga Mayors League is doing his thinking using his ass. Gad, it’s so infuriating to read news like this in the morning! Do these people have the slightest sense of morality and decency, or have they completely sold their souls to the devil in Malacanang? Where do they get of accusing Fr. Ed of having self-serving political ambitions? Just because the man exposed an anomaly and spoke out against it?

Gad, it’s almost impossible to be a good person and stay in government.

Elsewhere in the world, there are politicians who are doing more important things than going around complaining that they don’t get enough financial support for their local projects and programs. It’s so frustrating how small-minded, how parochial, how stupid so many politicians are and they cannot see beyond the boundaries of their respective districts, provinces, or regions. They never see the whole picture, and consider the areas within their political and fiscal jurisdiction as their own small kingdoms. Politics in this country is so freakin’ backward because the so-called leaders think small: they put up ‘waiting shades’ and have old schoolrooms repainted and call it public service. They distribute money to barangays and donate money to families to help their bury their dead and consider their jobs done.

A.R. Sabangan’s article over at GMANews.TV on policies of various governments when it comes to politicians accepting gifts all the more upset me. According to her research, politicians have to pay for gifts if they accept them, and then make a public accounting of all the tokens they received and state how much they cost. Here in the Philippines, there are laws prohibiting politicians from accepting gifts on pain of administrative and even criminal liability, but gad these laws mean nothing to the likes of, say, the officials of the LPP who say that’s actually tradition for it to give cash gifts to assist new members. Aaaargh! They flaunt it in our faces!

I’m trying to monitor the senate investigations on the anomalous ZTE contract, but I’m having a difficult time concentrating. I am distracted by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Joker Arroyo because seeing them working in tandem in defense of Malacanang is making my stomach heave and lunch is around the corner so I think I should stop watching. It’s insane seeing one of the architects of martial law and one of the more prominent human rights lawyers of the same decade sitting next to each other, beaming approval for each other’s attacks against the senate investigations and their respective efforts to put an end to it. Joker is on the warpath against the Inquirer and says he wants sanctions against the paper for coming out with a supposedly unverified report regarding what happened during a closed door executive session right before the senate investigations on the ZTE went into recess.

I’m supposed to understand why the hell politicians are the way they are in the Philippines; to know why exactly they’re deliberately being small minded and why many of them for the most part do not exert any superior effort to initiate programs and policies that will improve the quality of life of their constituents not only by giving them jobs and various means of employment, but lifting the standards of governance and the quality of over-all government service (intelligent and responsive governance, the kind that also seeks to contribute the development of people in a comprehensive way – mind and body). I’m supposed to know why this is, and I do, but I still get frustrated and disappointed.


This fried egg pix is for friends who never ask me how I am when we run into each other but instead go straight to asking one or two of the following questions: (1) Am I pregnant yet; (2) when am I going to get pregnant; and (3) don’t I want kids because I’m still not pregnant yet.


Reminds me of an incident here at the office when one of the kasams from the human rights community dropped by. She’s maybe three, four years older than I am and as far as I know still single and unattached. So we all said hi and hello and how’s work and life etc, but another kasams here, a middle-aged manong asked her point blank and exactly like Uncle Geoffrey asked Bridget Jones only in Filipino – “So, kamusta na ang love life mo? Meron na ba?”

Grrr. Nakakainis. It’s a good thing that the girl laughed it off, but I couldn’t help it and retorted that it was so annoying that when I was single, people asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I didn’t, how come; then when I had a boyfriend, people asked me when we were going to get married. When I got married, they asked when I was going to start having children. Grrr.

Ask me something else, like how my literary writing career is coming along (badly) and what I think about amending the law so transsexuals can have their names and genders changed on paper (I agree wholeheartedly).


Where babies come from

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