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November 7, 2007

An alternative career

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shirt.jpgGad, there are days when I think that I would really, really enjoy being a showbiz writer. I find myself having strong opinions when it comes to local showbiz issues (who got whom pregnant and why he denied it; who’s to blame for the failure of this marriage or that; can this actor really act or is he just cute, etc). I suppose it says something about me that I actually enjoy showbiz reports — I don’t really get involved in the lives of my own friends (I don’t intrude, I rarely confide, but I do listen and give advice or help when asked), but when it comes to the lives of showbiz personalities — these so-called stars of the local cinema – I’m hooked.

Their lives are so not boring. For the most part they’re shallow and petty, but they’re far from being boring. They buy sunglasses and it makes the headlines of certain tabloids. They blow their noses from crying during some corny movie and it’s repackaged as a scandal by the weekend gossip shows. It’s insane, it’s inane, it’s disgusting, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

The top three showbiz issues that I’m intrigued about: 1) Was Snooky Serna really raped when she was 14 and why is it that she’s speaking about it now?

2) Is Martin Nievera really just a sunnavabitch and a male adulterer who cries really well on tv, and is his career in Las Vegas actually a non-career?

3) What the hell is wrong with Lolit Solis and she is so obsessed with whether or not Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual are gay?

People’s lives are so interesting, don’t you think?

I read at least five showbiz blogs during lunchbreak and gad, the volume of reactions and the passion that went into them! Unbelievable. The readers put more thought and emotion into the affairs of the artistas than they care about say, Macapagal-Arroyo’s bulok presidency. Gad! Imagine if all these showbiz followers (na parang mga middle class kasi, well, may regular access sila sa internet, they write in English etc) directed their time and energy towards desconstructing what kind of government we had and ranting about why GMA should be kicked out of office.

Tapos the blogs would be in showbiz lingo and the treatment of new stories would be like how showbiz stories are sometimes written:

“Gloria, taksil talaga sa bayan, dapat okrayin!” “Bulok ang government, shocking ang corruption – taumbayan sobrang imbierna na!”

If I were a showbiz writer (or worked in the entertainment press), I’d organize fora for the artistas and try to get them interested in politics. There are real similarities between Philippine politics and showbiz, after all: plastikan, bastusan, umuulan ng kasinungalingan, away sa pera, imoralidad at kawalan ng kahihiyahan o kakapalan ng mukha. Ang masama nga lang sa pulitika, it’s not just the lives of the politicians involved in the scams, scandals and controversies that are affected, but the lives of millions of others. At least sa showbiz, the individuals involved only get themselves into trouble (and not very serious trouble at that, just annoying, embarrassing or mortifying fixes) and everything blows over as soon as something juicier, messier and embarrassing comes along.

It’s just too bad that artistas in the Philippines do not seem to carry intelligent political opinions. Maybe they do have opinions, but they’re pretty dim (look at Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano trying to run for office with Arroyo’s loser slate back in May). It would be so good if they would care about series social and political issues — say, human rights; stand against urban poor demolitions, support women’s rights; pero not the burgis kind of involvement na hanggang antas photo-op lang, but genuine, active advocacy and involvement. Ano kaya kung sumama si Judy Ann Santos sa isang fact-finding mission sa Mindanao kung saan walang puknat ang paglabag ng mga sundalo sa karapatang pantao ng mga kapatid nating Muslim?

Officials of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Kabalikat ng Mamamayang Pilipino (KAMPI) party should get their stories straight because they’re contradicting each other left and right, and there seems to be a virulent case of “foot-in-mouth disease” going around in Malacanang.”


Kampi officials from DILG secretary Ronaldo Puno to Rep. Amelita Villarosa keep issuing conflicting stories, but all these only serve to bolster charges that massive corruption permeates Malacanang. It’s clear that there is truth to the adage that the truth will come out despite efforts to keep it hidden. Now, given Malacanang legal adviser Sergio Apostol’s order that Rep. Villarosa shut up and refrain from issuing more statements, it becomes clearer that there is more to this issue of gift giving in Malacanang than meets the eye.


Sec. Puno’s previous declarations of lack of knowledge about the cash distribution directly contradicts the statements of Rep. Villarosa and Rep. Benny Abante who himself admitted to receiving money from Villarosa.


So who’s telling the truth and who is lying? Is this a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, or is this simply a case of KAMPI officials trying to cover up for themselves and their own corrupt practices? Are they getting their stories confused in the process of trying to protect KAMPI founder and head Pres. Arroyo from accountability?


We should give full support for calls that the House of Representatives’ ethics committee investigate the issue of the briberies, and said that the senate should also initiate its own investigations. In any case, this is a very large worm that cannot be forced back into the can. KAMPI officials have opened it, and they can’t close it by simply issuing denials. As a political party run and headed by the president, KAMPI’s reputation has been tarnished beyond repair.

There’s a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease going around. KAMPI and Malacanang officials may think that this is an issue that will blow away, but they are mistaken. Filipinos are sick to their stomach with how the Macapagal-Arroyo administration is running the government and how it has opted to use corruption and bribery and their main instruments to keep itself intact and its allies loyal. This bribery in the palace issue is more than enough grounds to call for the president’s resignation.


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  1. Fully agree with you pards

    Comment by sponks — November 8, 2007 @ 7:16 am

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