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November 20, 2007

Throw-up stories

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So I’ve been throwing up intermittently for the last week. This is hardly the thing I thought Inausea.gif‘d be writing about, but heck.
I don’t want this blog to be a Baby Blog, and it’s good that I’m not the mushy-for-motherhood type so I won’t be waxing rhapsodic about pregnancy any time soon. I’m a happy but worried pregnant woman, and I really want Egg to stay inside till he/she’s supposed to come out, but right now I really am not enjoying the experience of throwing up at various sights and smells. It’s weird knowing that I could be sensitive this way.

My mom says I should surround myself with beautiful things. Gad, I should go to Europe then and stay inside a museum or an old church. Otherwise I’m stuck here, making the daily commute in the polluted streets of Quezon City and always getting my heart stuck in my throat every morning when the jeepneys race each other through Commonwealth Avenue. In my head I’m talking to Egg and telling Egg that if Nanay had her way, we’d pack up and live in Baguio where we could walk everywhere and the pollution is not as bad. Beautiful, to me, is breathing clean air and vehicles not being driven like crazed beasts in the main roads.

Kim and I were at home when the bomb went off at the Batasan Complex last November 7. We heard the explosion, and at first we thought it was some sound effect that was part of the cheesy tv show we were watching at the time (Zaido, if you really must now), but it was too loud. Then the newsreport came in, and it was then that we started to worry.

Fast forward to what’s happening now. Gad, does the government think Filipinos are idiots? Are we a nation of fools? A bomb goes off on the 7th, the following day the police are rounding up suspects and lo an behold, they also find various incriminating materials in the supposed hide-out of the supposed perpetrators!

If I bombed a building, I’d make sure that I was a million miles away from the scene of the crime immediately after. And I as sure as hell wouldn’t keep with me material that would make me a suspect like license registration papers, license plates, or a t-shirt printed with the seal of the place I bombed.

Gad. Four people are dead including activist Marcial ‘Tatay Tibong’ Dumapias Taldo, and the government has hatched a cock and bull story about how the attack was the doing of Muslim extremists whom the police caught right next door in a nearby community.

Every time I throw up, it’s partly symbolic: I’m regurgitating all the lies the PNP and Malacanang are trying to force into my head.

mcleans-volcanic-liniment-2.jpgRight now I can feel my body telling me to slow down, lie down and sleep. I’ve yawned at least ten times in the last hour, and I’m sniffing liniment to keep awake and fight down the small waves of nausea. I can’t drink tea or coffee because I’m paranoid about what their effects on Egg might be. I wish I could just eat and eat so Egg would get everything he/she needs, but I’ve become a wee bit pickier than usual and I can’t stand even the thought of certain food.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with being preggers, but I’ve become disinterested about the daily political developments. Maybe it’s my brain and heart adjusting themselves to take in less stressful information.

What I’ve been monitoring the last couple of days is the controversy involving Carlene Aguilar, Cristine Reyes and Dennis Trillo. I was able t catch Carlene on The Buzz last Sunday night, and she looked and sounded intelligent and sensible. One telling sign that she wasn’t stupid was how she didn’t once invoked God’s name to show that she was being sincere or that she was telling the truth (“Alam ng diyos na hindi ako nagsisinungaling” or “Kung diyos nga nagpapatawad, ako pa!” go the usual showbiz lines that make the hair on my neck stand up – kilabutan talaga).

Anyways, I think Dennis Trillo is a heel and his armpits should be pricked by heated forks. Pinagsasabong niya ang dalawang babae one of whom was his girlfriend of five years and the mother of his newborn son. This is pathetic news, but gad, it has made the headlines of several tabloids and the major tv networks have alloted at hours of airtime to the freaking issue.

I think Egg is taking away some of my IQ points because suddenly I’m making opinions about showbiz people and talking about them with close friends (like Walkie last night. Naaliw naman yata siya).

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