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February 26, 2008

Waddling to Mendiola

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img_9215.jpgHaha! Succeeded in marching with the rest of the BAYAN forces yesterday, from Welcome Rotonda to Mendiola. Okay, so maybe I waddled my way (my tummy is getting heavier every day), but it felt good to be part of a large crowd, contributing to something politically meaningful. Kim wanted me to stay home, but I insisted because I didn’t want to be left out yet again; and anyways, I already have energy to spare, and it wasn’t all that hard to join the rally because there was no running involved.

Also, am extra glad to have been there because it’s the first time in two years that a rally was allowed in Mendiola. So medyo historic.

Trolling through the various news servers this morning, I read contradicting reports (What else is new? this government has foot-in-mouth disease) about GMA’s admission that she knew that there were inherent flaws in the ZTE NBN contract even before she signed it. On the air last weekend , she said that she had to sign because she had no choice and it was so near the negotiations deadline and the Chinese government was breathing down her neck.

This morning, Malacananng spokesperson Ignacio Bunye is saying that GMA did not mean what the media says she meant when she said what she did about the ZTE contract. Duh?! How many ways can you interpret what she said? She signed the freaking thing, didn’t she? She admitted that she had been told that the contract had flaws; but she went ahead and signed it anyways.

Reminiscent of the time she said “I am sorry” when she admitted that she did talk to former Comelec commissioner Virgilio Garcillano during the midst of the 2004 presidential polls. Hay nakuuuu.

The CBCP holding an important conclave this morning, in preparation for the Interfaith Rally on the 29th.

Sa tutoo lang, like so many Filipinos I am so disappointed with the CBCP leadership. They don’t really know whether to move forward or to stay put. Pretty wishy-washy attitude to what’s happening right now. What Filipinos need now is strong guidance from the country’s Church leaders, but since we’re not getting it from the CBCP, e di wag na silang hintayin! All paths lead to Mendiola.

Sens. Joker Arroyo and Juan Ponce Enrile are doing their darnest against trying to delay the continuation of the senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the ZTE contract. Gad, Joker, you should just shut up and salvage what remains of your reputation. It’s already surreal how you’re working in tandem with martial-law henchmen Enrile; you shouldn’t further compound your sins!

–Engineer Dante Madriaga testifying about being the First Couple standing as protectors and guarantors of the ZTE Project. Grabe, nakakalula na ang laki ng perang panuhol na pinag-uusapan!
Nakakalula at nakakasuka. Truly, sindikato ang mag-asawang Arroyo!And all the under-the-table negotiations, bribes and kickbacks are all supposed to be in aid of election (the 2007 senatorial polls) and the husband-and-wife team’s increasing illegal hoard in preparation for their retirement.

Rally na! February 29, 2pm Ayala Rustan’s march to the Ninoy Statue!

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