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March 4, 2008

Wriggly sensation

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Attended last Friday’s Interfaith Rally in Ayala, and was so exhausted afterwards. It was strange because I wasn’t as tired when I went to the Feb. 25 rally in Mendiola. Maybe it was because of how enclosed I felt – image001.jpgthe tall buildings, the islands in the middle of the streets, the

barriers formed by the trees and shrubs. For the most part I didn’t see who spoke on stage; mostly heard everything, but often not very well because the acoustics were terrible — sound bouncing off and against the buildings.

The police estimates were as expected – hindi talaga marunong magbilang ang PNP. Gad, math and statistics teachers must be going crazy trying to understand how the PNP comes up with its numbers everytime there’s a big rally. The police don’t know how to compute floor or area space and how many individuals can be accommodated given a specific measurement of area.

Anyways, I waddled instead of marched, chugged water and plonked myself on the pavement whenever I got too tired. Was so lucky we found space in front of the HSBC tower in Ayala because by 430pm I really had to sit down because my legs were killing me and my tummy felt really heavy. I missed being able to move around to say hi and catch up with friends among the fellow rallyists; to take pictures and just be a tourist, but I made up for it by talking to my baby and telling him/her why we were there, why we had to be there, and who else was there.

It was good talking to other comrades who are mothers (those who recently gave birth like Ruth Cervantes; and those who have been taking care of toddlers like Jennifer Padilla) because I got tips about how to handle my pregnancy. Sure some of the advice contradicted each other, but hey, let’s see which ones apply and which ones don’t.

Aya, Presto’s wife told me something cute last Saturday. She said that when she was still pregnant with the now 9-month old Isabelle, she (Aya) would feel Isabelle actively moving around inside her whenever she ate something sweet. “Parang humihingi pa,” she said.

Maybe. I mean, I did eat more than two ounces of chocolate this morning and now my baby is performing acrobatics inside me.

Earlier this morning a colleague came in with two big bags of Kisses and a few massive chocolate bars which were immediately divided among everyone here. It took me about 20 minutes to finish my own considerable slabs (shameless – my skin will suffer, I just know it. Gluttony does not pay), and after some 15 minutes after I’d tucked away the last piece of milky, chocolatey goodness, I felt my baby wriggling.

Wriggling. That’s such an apt, descriptive word. Even now my baby is wriggling like a circus contortionist in training. It feels strange to feel the movements – he/she is really at it – but am very happy to feel that he/she is there.


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