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March 10, 2008

Difficulty sleeping

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The last few nights I’ve been having trouble sleeping because my baby has been bouncing around inside me and it’s been difficult finding a comfortable position to sleep in. I turn on my left side, the baby shifts too; I twist right, the baby does the same. Kim and I worry about squishing him/her (yeah, yeah, I know the baby’s floating inside a warm and safe gestational sac filled with amniotic fluid, but still…) so for the most part I sleep on my back.

But then my back hurts and sometimes I get excruciating twinges despite the pillows supporting it and my tummy.

Am actually on the lookout for a good pillow that will support both my back and my tummy. A flat bolster.

Oh well. Again, am not complaining, just documenting. Am actually quite, quite happy feeling the baby so active. Nevermind the discomfort.

Last Thursday night and Friday morning everyone at the office was shouting curses and various invectives as we watched the ABS-CBN 2 and GMA-7 news coverage of the camp-out held by PAMATIK-KMU and other BAYAN Southern Tagalog forces in front of the infamous Department of Labor offices in Intramuros.

The workers were attacked with truncheons and shields and bombarded with water cannons. Scores were brutally hurt, but the police had the fucking gall to say that more among their own ranks were hurt. Yeah right! The police must’ve sprained their wrists after walloping the heads and torsos of the workers and their supporters.Whatabunch of liars. One worker even fought off a policeman who tried to stab him and he (the worker) ended up with the tip of one of his fingers cut off.

Why attack a peaceful gathering? Kasi nga mga taga-Southern Tagalog ang dumalo and the police were stupid and moronic enough to think that the participants to the Lakbayan were automatically members of the New People’s Army? Malamang. Idiots, idiots. Just thinking about it makes me angry all over again.

There really is no way that labor rights can prosper under such this government, under this system. You join a union, you get axed. You participate in a strike, you get beaten up. You march alongside other workers to demand justice and you end up being dragged to the police station, with your head kicked in, your face bloodied and your body severely bruised.

Is it any surprise that the Macapagal-Arroyo regime has practically sold its claim on the Spratly Islands? Nah. Jus me, the Mining Act of 1995 continues to be implemented, and the land covered by it are within the Philippines, where Filipino actually live and where they rely for their survival on. On the basis of the continued implementation of the Mining Act of 1995 pa lang, ilang presidente na dapat ang na-impeach for treason.

Malacanang is also trying to justify the joint exploration with China and Vietnam as nothing but a joint activity. Isa pa, 60% naman daw ng matutuklasang langis o anumang mineral ay mapupunta sa Pilipinas.

Give us a break! Kelan pa nag-assert ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas pagdating sa pangangasiwa sa mga likas na yaman ng bansa? Its policy hasalways been ‘come in, come in, what’s our is yours!’

I wish Rodolfo ‘Jun’ Lozada all the luck – strength, fortitude and all that. He looks a little peaked on tv, but he still sounds upbeat and confident, and that’s good. It’s good that he continues to get strength from all the support that he’s been getting, and we cross our toes and fingers hoping that he never gets sick or too exhausted as he continues his tour of the country delivering the message that this government led by Macapagal-Aroyyo sucks big time and should be removed from power licketty-split.

Romulo Neri changes his mind about standing the senate investigations on the ZTE contract.

So freaking what. Walang kwentang witness naman siya, e. Duwag at wala sa katotohanan o sa mamamayan ang katapatan niya kundi sa kurakot sa Malacanang at sa sindikatong pamilya ni Gloria.

Read the PDI interview with Gretchen Barreto dated March 9 – now there’s one self-centered woman. She knows no other topics that go beyond herself, her clothes, her being a mistress, her jewels, and the endless series of scandals and controversies she’s in. Di ko nga alam paano ko nagawang basahin nang buo yung interview e. Gad, and to think brain cells don’t regenerate! Ilan kaya ang naagnas nang basahin ko yung article?!

It’s such a pity that she doesn’t have a single unselfish bone in her body – maisip man lang niya to use her popularity (or what passes for it – what makes people read about her) for good causes, kahit charity work.

On the other hand, I don’t regret reading the article on Annabelle Rama posted at ABS-CBN Interactive. Ms.Rama is always so amusing! I laughed out loud while reading how she lashed out against Lani Mercado and Lolit Solis. I can’t believe she actually told Lani Mercado on live television to ‘isaksak mo sa baga mo yang asawa mo’ ! Hahahaha!


  1. Hi Ina. Your entry on Greta reminded me of an interview of Bibeth Orteza the we (PW) did. We asked her what she thought of artistas’ involvement in social causes, and she says you can’t expect them to get involved. She says, “Bihirang ma-involve ang artista, bihirang mag-volunteer for issues of concern na ganito. Para sa akin, okey lang ako. [Pero] ayoko mamilit. Makita mo naman si Gretchen (Barretto) bigla doon, magtataka ka, di ba?”

    Let’s not lose hope, though. I heard somewhere that Gretchen was part of those group of artists who sang “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo.” Imagine that! May social relevance din pala siya noong bata pa siya. Hehe.

    Thanks for the link! I’ve a new blog pala: =)

    Comment by krguda — March 15, 2008 @ 5:56 pm

  2. you’re supposed to sleep on your left side, dear. that’s what the books/docs say. lying on your back strains your spine and other internal organs because of the additional weight. re: annabelle, she amuses me too — “malaki daw ang berde ni bong” hahaha

    Comment by nova — March 16, 2008 @ 9:35 am

  3. […] our country pays for the cover-ups, bribes and lies that this mafia-run government perpetuates.” Achieving Happiness is not surprised that the Arroyo regime has practically sold its claim on the Spratly Islands. All […]

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