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March 17, 2008

Sunday haircut beliefs

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bk19.jpgUpon the insistence of my ob-gyne, I had my almost waist-length hair cut, so now it’s only down to my shoulder blades. I felt a little painful twinge when the woman at the beauty parlor started snipping away, but then again a lot of the protein that should be going into my flesh cells and hence my baby’s was being absorbed by the hair, so…And anyways, it’s summer, and I’ve been having an increasingly hard time coping with the heat (pregnant woman have more body heat pa) so having shorter hair is more convenient.

At the parlor, the woman who cut my hair didn’t let the cut off hanks of long hair fall to the floor to be later on swept into the bin. Instead she carefully placed them on small table and when she was all done with the cutting, put all the hair in a plastic bag.

“Itago mo,” she urged me, as she thrust the bag in my hand.

“Aanhin ko? Bakit ko itatago?” , I asked really mystified. “Ano’ng pamahiin iyan?”

She said, “Para hindi magtampo ang buhok mo at tumubo ulit. Sayang kasi – mahaba at maganda pa naman. Baka pag tumubo na ulit, pangit — numipis at gumaspang.”

And perhaps because she really wanted to convince me, she pointed at her own straw-colored, wispy-looking head of hair.

“Nagalit yung buhok ko nang ipagupit ko minsan. Dati lampas pwet ko na yan. Malago yan dati, ngayon numipis na.”

To humor her, I took the bag, thanked her, and put it into my handbag. Kim, who was napping in a corner, woke up and raised his eyebrows over the package. I raised my eyebrows back, and tried to convey the message that he should shut up and not say a word: wag na kaming mang-offend. We don’t believe in pamahiin, but heck, the woman meant well, and wala namang mawawala.

So Manny Pacquiao won. Does it make me anti-Filipino to admit that I don’t care and that in fact, I would’ve even taken a grim sort of satisfaction if he lost?

Mula nang maging offficial mascot ng Malacanang at ng pamilya ni Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo si Pacquiao, mas ginusto ko nang matalo siya sa lahat ng match niya. Nakakabwisit kasi kung paano pinalalabas nina Gloria, Mike at Mikey Arroyo na ang tagumpay ni Pacquiao sa bugbugan ay tagumpay din ng gobyerno at ng administrasyong Arroyo! Excuse me, ‘no – sana kung si Mike o Mikey ang umakyat sa ring at nakipag-boksing — at nanalo – tanggapin ko pa na achievement yun ng pamahalaan. Otherwise, ginamit lang nila si Pacquiao at itong isang ito naman, nagpagamit.

Samantala, may isyu pa ng pandaraya – nandugas daw si Pacquiao at si Miguel Marquez ang talagang manalo.

Ang galeeeeng. Dagdag sa masamang reputasyon ng mga Pilipino (may corrupt na presidente; madumi at madugo ang mga eleksyon; at talamak ang pagnanakaw ng mga opisyales ng pamahalan).

pregnantstandingrtcropweb.jpgGingersnaps maternity clothes are so expensive, but they are so comfortable that I don’t feel guilty about getting and wearing them.

Kim says for a pregnant woman, am too vain.

I guess. But is it really so bad that I don’t want to look like a walking yacht with billowing sails; or a blimp? Maternity dresses are so big, and while am very, very grateful for the ones a comrade lent me, I think I’d rather wear the dresses when I really can’t fit into my maternity jeans anymore. Also, it’s freakin’ too hot to be going around wearing yards and yards of printed cotton!

Thanks to Poty Padilla for introducing me to – I got this from the site: an illustration of how my baby looks like at 23 weeks (am reaching my 6th month of pregnancy by the 23rd this month).


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