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March 19, 2008

Brilliant baby

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einstein_baby1.jpgBeen visiting websites on prenatal care and how to make sure that your baby gets a headstart on being brilliant kahit nasa tummy pa siya.

Nakakapressure ensuring that my baby becomes smart – kasi sabi sa mga articles, besides genes, and a good diet, mahalaga ang effort. The mom and dad should talk to the baby, tap/pat the tummy often, read and sing to the baby, expose the baby to music. I’m putting together a list of novels I will read to him/her, as well as compiling a CD (malamang broadway musicals, tibak songs, saka the recommended classical music). It’s not like I want the baby to be smart just for the sake of it; mas pa dahil responsibilidad din na tiyakin na ma-activate ang pinakamaraming brain cells niya as possible kasi according to exports, by the 7th month, the unused or unactivated brain cells will start dying.

Actually napansin ko that my baby actually responds when I talk to him/her. Every morning before I get up, I pat and tap my tummy repeatedly and greet the baby good morning and explain what we’re going to do for the day. I ask him/her if he/she slept well; or I apologize I moved too much in the night or squished him/her.After a few moments, the baby starts responding in a series of twists, turns and kicks! It is really as if he/she is keeping a conversation with me! I try to keep track of how many times the baby moves every hour (ang sabi kasi, dapat at least 10 times every two hours) and what kind of movement the baby makes.

The ob-gyne says I should have the ultrasound next month, along with the tests for gestational diabetes. I was supposed to have the ultrasound last Saturday when we went for the monthly prenatal, but the doctor said that it would be better if I had it on my 6th month so the image on the screen would be clearer. It really doesn’t matter to me if my baby is male or female just so long as he/she is normal, healthy and completely formed (no birth defects, complete and perfectly functioning organs and body systems).

Insane: There’s this news report about an irate mother who threw muriatic acid in the faces of three children passing by her house because they were allegedly too noisy. The face of one of the boys was burned beyond recognition – a jagged map of leathery-looking skin.

Is it too much if I want the woman who did this to do time? At least five years?

My friend from Hong Kong Chi Brotonel wrote me yesterday and it’s always so good to hear from him! It was his birthday yesterday, and his letter was exuberant and brimming with good will.

It’s always wonderful to hear from good friends — I’ve been so lucky in my friendships because the ones I have are the kind that I know I will keep forever. Iilan lang naman kasi silang mga kaibigan ko; and though I don’t see them as often I used to, the strong connection is always there and never weakens.

This Lenten break, will be going to my mom’s house in Cavite, and this time around I will not be a couch potato. I will take the dogs for walks, water the garden, and maybe re-arrange the furniture (or at least order Kim to lift and move them).

Will also try to do some writing.

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