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March 24, 2008

Mrs. Aquino has cancer

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cory-aquino-headshot.jpgPansamantala, isa-isang tabi ang mga kasalanan ng kanyang pamilya at ng kanyang nagdaang gobyerno sa sambayanang Pilipino: I felt sad upon learning that former president Cory Aquino has colon cancer.

That she’s stricken with cancer would explain how thin and wan she often looked in her media appearances. Despite the smile, despite the graceful composure, she looked like she lost a lot of weight in such a short length of time.

There’s no doubt that Mrs. Aquino will weather this blow with her the help of her strong faith and belief in prayer. She did not even think to hide her condition from the public and instead gave her children the authority to inform the media of what she’s now undergoing. How brave of her! Despite the fact that she’d been feeling more than a little under the weather since December last year, she still went on to attend and speak at rallies condemning the corrupt Arroyo government.

I suppose my own sadness upon knowing Mrs. Aquino’s plight stems from the fact that I’ve lost a loved one to cancer. My grandmother Iluminada Silos-Silverio died from stomach cancer March 2006, and it was a slow but not completely painless death. I wasn’t even there when the diagnosis came in; or when she was taken to the hospital; or when she passed away. I was in Hong Kong and on my own, and I had to deal with the grief alone.

Bakit nga ba hindi si Macapagal-Arroyo ang tamaan ng cancer?! Masamang damo talaga.

The Lenten season came and went, and I didn’t get to do much — not even think over my multitude of sins (this is what happens when you’re married to a man who, when he was in fifth grade, stood in the middle of the school yard and dared God to prove that He exists by striking him down with lightning. When the skies remained lightning-free, he laughed and laughed like a demon escaped from hell).

As for my family — my sister pigged out on honey cornflakes; Kim bathed the dogs and watched horror flicks; and it was only my mom who did anything religious.

Last Wednesday I had dinner with Walkie and she told me about how her and Raymond’s (Bukaneg) visit to former BAYAN chair Capt. Danilo Vizmanos went.

I didn’tknow that Ka Dan has prostrate cancer and that for the most part his doctor and his family want him to rest at home so he won’t tire himself out. Despite the ravages of his illness, Walkie said that Ka Dan remains upbeat; his mind as active and alive as ever as he contemplates writing more books (he’s written a handful already — including a biography.Let’s not even mention the countless essays and articles he has penned through the years.)

A tribute is being prepared for Ka Dan and it’s supposed to take place early next April.

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