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March 25, 2008

If I were a potato, I’d die of shame

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potato_2.gif Oh give me a freaking break! Gloria Arroyo is so desperate for approval that she willingly accepts tributes like this – (From a PNA new release) “A potato variety that originated from the Centro Internationale de la Papa (International Potato Center) in Lima, Peru has been named after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In gratitude to the President’s commitment to the development of the Agriculture Industry in the country, the Benguet State University (BSU) headed by the president Dr. Rogelio Colting, named a new variety of potato as “Gloria Kamaptengan”, after the root word “mapteng” an Ibaloi and Pangasinan word which means “good”.”

Now don’t get me wrong– potatoes are a perfectly good vegetable/root crop. They’ve kept millions of people alive all over the world. I love them when they’re French fried; and also when they’re mashed and mixed with heart-suffocating butter and then lightly salted.

But to name a variety after a corrupt, cheating, lying and murderous fake president of the Philippines?! Potatoes everywhere should rise up in protest!

I should like to get one of these Gloria Kamaptengans and turn it into a pin cushion/voodoo doll. I bet it tastes horrible; and bugs won’t even come near it.

In other news, the Ombudsman is said to have said that GMA cannot be tried for corruption, but she can be investigated by the Office of the Ombudsman. Huh?! Ano daw? So she’s immune?! The senate cannot subpoena her on the ZTE controversy, hell!

Grabe, this is what makes it even more crucial to make sure that she gets ousted from office at the soonest possible time – para masampahan na siya ng kaso and she’ll spend the rest of her horrid, wretched, self-serving life fighting off criminal charges.

All this hullaballoo over the Spratly Islands makes me fuming mad. The gall of the likes of Esperon and Ermita to say that the Philippines will defend its claim on the islands to the death – samantalang sa loob ng Pilipinas battalions of US troops are deployed and building military installations left and right; the Mining Act and the Fisheries Code are in place and rendering millions of Filipinos homeless, landless and without means of income; and the oil resources of Malampaya end up making foreign investors rich instead of benefiting the national economy.

It’s all just a show, I think – this supposed militant posturing of the Arroyo government when it comes to the Spratlys. To contain the outrage of patriots na pinapamigay na sa Chinese and Vietnamese ang maliliit na isla. And who the hell believes that the Arroyo government will stand up in defense of sovereignty? In Asia, the Philippines has the least credible government — sycophant and boot-licker that the fake president is to foreign interests.

On the rice shortage – imagine buying rice at P40 per kilo!!! Unbelievable. Hindi na lang sa mga probinsya kakain ng mais at kamote kapalait ng bigas – pati na rin sa mga lungsod. And I would much rather eat kamote and corn than eat NFA rice — the smelly, brown, insect-infested rice that sells for P20/kilo. I’ve eaten it once before just to taste for myself- brought it from one of those Tindahan ni Gloria Labandera stores – and it literally made me want to puke: it smelled so bad, and it looked awful. Some people say it’s only fit for pigs; well, kawawa naman the pigs kung sa kanila pinapakain ang NFA rice.

At kawawa naman ang napakarami nating kababayan na walang ibang magawa kundi bumili at kumain ng NFA rice kasi hindi na nila kaya ang mas mahusay na klase ng bigas.

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