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March 27, 2008

Those horrid tabloid stories

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Part of my work is to read most (if not all) of the Philippine news websites and to pick out certain reports and articles. In the process of looking for important news stories (meaning relevant to the work my office and my principals do), it’s highly unavoidable that I also get to see and read and consequently absorb horrific accounts of kidnappings, murders, theft and other crimes.

The tabloids are, of course, most notorious for printing the most gory, sensation stories that have the effect of making me want to go home, curl in bed under the covers and hyperventilate over morbid thoughts of how terrible the world is: 7-buwang sanggol, sinaksak sa dibdib, sinilid sa plastic bag; Dalagita, tinadtad ang sariling ama bilang ganti sa ilang ulit na panghahalay…

What gets to me most, however, are the stories about theft and robberies that end up in people getting shot or stabbed to death — over cellular phones, wallets and handbags. These stories make me fear for my loved ones and my self. How awful, how senseless these killings are!

The younger sister of one of my closest friends was stabbed to death by snatchers 2 years ago. She was on her way home when a man in a motorcyle tried to grab her handbag where where phone and wallet were; she resisted, and the man took out a kitchen knife and stabbed her seven times. She was 23 years old and almost through with college.

I wasn’t in the country when this tragedy struck my friend and her family. In fact, it was purely by chance that I was reading the day after the crime took place, and I saw an article in the Metro section. I was so shocked when I read the article because I knew the victim – she was more than a crime statistic to me — and I knew her family and the struggles she and her siblings had gone through in the last few years.

It’s quite difficult for me to simply accept that crimes are a part of every day life. It’s so terrible how the evil and monstrous aspect of people’s natures get the best of them and when unleashed, the consequences are horrific.

I know, I know – all this brutality and violence and chaos and moral degradation are the effects of an equally brutal, violent and inhumane socio-political, economic-cultural system; but this doesn’t make it all easier to understand, much less accept. And let’s not even go beyond the tabloid horrors and discuss racism, homophobia and religious bigotry.

Kaya nga wala talagang ibang magagawa kundi magsikap na baguhin ang lipunan; baguhin ang pag-iisip at pag-unawa at ugali ng mga tao upang umunlad at bumuti.

Vice-president Noli de Castro has been more vocal lately. Meaning mas madaldal siya ngayon. Which is not to say that the stuff he’s been saying and the stands he’s been taking make any more sense. Because they don’t.

Earlier today he said that the dissenting Supreme Court justices should respect the decision of the majority in the high tribunal who voted in favor of former socioeconomic planning secretary Romulo Neri’s invocation of executive privilege on the Senate investigation into the national broadband network corruption scam. Safe, safe, safe.

He says he’s also interested in finding out the truth behind the ZTE deal; but hell if he’s going to take any decisive, positive action about it. Hintay na lang siya kung magiging presidente siya.

Oh man. Thoughts of moving to another country are suddenly popping up…


My friend Nato Reyes wrote a sweet and beautiful entry on what it was like for him when his son Dylan Viktor was born last month, February 14. In his blog , he admits that the write-up was long overdue; but hey, better late than never.

He and Beng have one heck of a cute baby!

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