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April 23, 2008


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I’ve had a crush on Robert Downey Jr. since I was a kid. I’ve always thought him to be both beautiful and intelligent (okay, so mostly beautiful – I was a child, what did I know about intelligent acting or intelligence per se?! I just thought, even then in my days when beauty was still very much an abstract, mostly-felt concept I was far from being articulate about, that he was beautiful ). I don’t know what it says about me that I had a terrible liking for an actor who played disturbed young men in his movies (drug addict, small-time hustler, college drop-out), but Robert Downey Jr was THE MAN to me when I was younger. Funny that’s he’s only 40 now.

When he became part of the regular cast of the cancelled Ally McBeal series almost a decade ago and played Atty. Larry Paul, I started watching the show again. I loved his voice, I loved his face (eyes to die for), he was funny in a faintly caustic but still endearing way, and I thought he deserved someone better than whacked out Ally.

Then his real life problems with alcoholism and drug addiction came to a head and David E. Kelly was forced to write him out of the show. Aaaargh!

Anyways, it’s a little looney-sounding, but heck, am personally glad that his career is now more stable and he’s making a good comeback. Of course am watching Iron Man, nevermind that I never really cared about the comic book or the character of Tony Stark. I can even ignore Gwyneth Palthrow’s presence as his partner in the film.

I really don’t know why i just had to blog about RDJ – it was birthday earlier this month, and I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT! out loud at the office when I read about it. When one of my colleagues asked me who the heck was ‘Robert’, I couldn’t really explain and instead I just said that I was just reading something and I felt like doing it out loud. Sheesh.

I’m now looking for a DVD or even CD copy of the film “Chaplin” where he played Charles Chaplin Jr, a compelling character with a personal and professional history that’s the stuff of both tabloid stories and award-winning biographies.

I also had a crush on Charlies Chaplin, so there. “The Tramp” always looked so sad and dear to me.


The weather is so hot and I get faintish whenever I go outside. I’ve some tasks out of the office, and they’re pretty urgent and I really need to get them done, but the heat is literally working against me and keeping me indoors! I keep peering out the windows to see whether the sun is giving this part of the country a little respite, but it’s still there, a brightly shining ball of fire and unimaginable heat.

I’ve read in some newspaper that it’s 38 degrees out, boy! No wonder my brain is off wandering — it’s actually telling me to chuck everything and head straight to Shangri-la Plaza in Ortigas and sit under a Haagen Dazs umbrella and pig out. Gad.

I can’t help but long for the weekend because I want to go swimming and cool-off. I get sudden headaches because of the stifling heat and it’s not good. I can’t even concentrate properly on work, or at least give it the usual focus when am not distracted by abdominal twinges or the heat. Hell, am writing about Robert Downey Jr when I could be writing a reaction to the freaking electricity rate hike Meralco is imposing this summer!

Now that’s that’s been mentioned, lecheng Meralco yan. Taking advantage of people using all the electricity fans and aircon units full-blast all day and all night. Tiba-tiba na naman sa tubo, the thieves. And without doubt, Meralco will use the EPIRA to justify the rate increase and present its usual magical mathematical formula  as explanation  to the whopping additional P149 a month! According to reports, residential customers, who use up to 200 kWh a month, will pay an additional P149 or 8.95 percent, equivalent to about 4 kilos of commercial rice. Houses using up to 50 kWh a month will pay an additional P19, while a family consuming 70 kWh will have to cough up P35 more.  Houses using 100 kWh a month have to pay P61 more.

Tapos walang wage hike. $%#%^*.


  1. Hi, found your blog through a Google image for RDJ 🙂
    I’ve always thought he was rather gorgeous, but after seeing Iron Man I think I’m becoming a tad infatuated. Which brings me to my point and why I decided to comment on a random person’s blog 🙂 It’s so weird that primal attraction you can feel for someone you don’t and will never know. I can remember seeing Star Wars as a kid and not being able to take my eyes of Harrison Ford, but not knowing why. Now I sound like I’m a stalker… it’s not like that I swear! I guess I’m lucky that my husband understands it will probably pass 🙂

    Comment by emma — May 8, 2008 @ 12:37 pm

  2. wow thats a loong story… i´ve got the crush on him after i saw iron man.. sorry but im just 16 and i never realize about this man is sooooooo handsome…his eyes..omg… i want all his films..especially “chaplin” god he´s so funny.. i´ve seen the trailer and i want it..but …i hate that here i cant find the film buaaaahhhh..
    today i bought like 3 magazines cause they got an article about iron man and Robert…omg i love him!!!!
    sorry for comment

    Comment by val — May 12, 2008 @ 4:49 am

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