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May 19, 2008


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I’ve been out of commission for a little over a week — literally flat on my back for 8 days because of uterine contractions. Thursday night the week before last I was unable to sleep because the contractions came at 10-15 intervals and lasted at least 20 seconds each. I was freaked out of my skull because I was just verging on my 32nd week of pregnancy (8th month) and I knew that Kimiko’s lungs were still afar from being completely developed and it was a bad idea for her to be born so soon.

Immediately the following morning we headed to the hospitaland had a thorough check-up. Thank goodness my cervix didn’t dilate, and the contractions could be controlled with tocolytics through an IV line.

I stayed in the hospital for three days — prohibited from moving, told to eat sparingly, and my left wrist stuck with an IV drip. When my doctor finally discharged me, I was firmly instructed to stay home, stay in bed, and refrain from standing up and moving about for a week. So that’s what I did; all the while still taking six different tablets – a regular candystore of vitamins, tocolytics and antibotics. Talk about living on drugs! I ate my meals supine only getting up to use the bathroom and then hurrying to lie down again.

Kim moved the mattress to the living room as well because I’m not supposed to go up and down the stairs so now we’re camped in the middle of the sala. I pretend that we’re on a camping trip in the desert while I barricade myself and my tummy with pillows and bolsters. The greatest news is that Kimiko is doing fine. The ultrasound revealed that she’s the right weight and size; her lungs and heart are strong, and she’s really malikot. I wanted to ask if it was possible that it’s Kimiko’s frequent movements that made my uterus contract (“Ano ba doc, sinisipa ba si Kimiko yung uterus ko?!”), but I was certain that I’d be laughed straight out of the hospital. Kim wants me to stop working, and it’s difficult to just stop, but I suppose I should because of Kimiko — I don’t want to run any more risks. I’m going to try to work at home – mabuhay ang internet! This is what unborn babies at 32 weeks look like:

— When I got back to the office earlier today, the first thing I heard was about Randy’s disappearance. Randy being Randy Malayao, a former official of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) – someone I knew back in college, not closely, but enough for me to consider as a perfectly pleasant person to have around (he always struck me as funny yet sensitive; considerate and kind). It was pretty upsetting news – and everyone at the office especially those who know him personally felt helpless and angry at the thought that Randy might be another Jonas Burgos.

This is the statement released by the National Democratic Front in Cagayan Valley about his disappearance:

May 18, 2008

Press Statement NDF-Cagayan Valley condemns latest AFP abduction of NDF consultant

The National Democratic Front-Cagayan Valley condemns the abduction of Randy Malayao, 38, last May 15, 2008 at the vicinity of Rosario, Pasig City. He is a political consultant of the National Democratic Front for Cagayan Valley. We hold the 5th Infantry Battalion, through its special agents and death squad, responsible for Malayao’s abduction.

A month before his disappearance, Malayao was reported in the Cagayan Valley’s Security Council meeting as “about to be captured.” Malayao was active in various political activities for the advancement of the people’s national democratic interests. He pushed for justice for all political prisoners and victims of the state’s terrorism, the advancement of the peasants’ struggles and fought against unjust government programs and policies. He was an active leader in the campaign against the Dy political dynasty in the region, which led to the overthrow of Faustino Dy, Jr as governor. Before his disappearance, he was active in peasants’ discussions and fora regarding the high rates of rice and other issues concerning farmers. The Arroyo government has once again committed a blatant violation of human rights and International Humanitarian Laws.

Malayao was an unarmed NDF consultant covered by immunity when they took him and detained him against his will until now. We urge all sectors, people’s organizations, human rights groups and other justice-loving individuals in Cagayan Valley and the country to join in various actions to compel the AFP to resurface Malayao. We shall not cease until his whereabouts are known and the criminals responsible are punished.

This movie amused me no end last night. If you don’t have anything better to do or watch, see this film starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti (mercurial, amazing actor) and Monica Belluci. It’s hilarious! Sure it’s bloody and violent, but the scenes where Owen wields a carrot for a weapon are precious.

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