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November 27, 2008

Paglaban para sa kalayaan

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Am so shocked by reports of what’s happening in Mumbai, India. Latest news say that 101 people have already died and over 200 have been wounded, including children. Two five-star hotels, a popular restaurant, a train station and a hospital have been attacked. Bullets and grenades flew, and now the blood of civilians is flowing over pavements.

What the hell is the world coming to?! (On second thought, don’t answer that — alam ko naman e, hell).

Naisip ko lang, the setting of two of my favorite novels are in India:John Irving’s ‘A Son of the Circus,’ and Arundhati Roy’s ‘The God of Small Things’, so kahit papaano I can imagine what it’s like there: the climate physical and political; the culture (as per Irving: it’s an amazing place where chaos, death and destruction walk hand-in-hand with a highly vibrant and colorful culture; as per Roy, it is where the small tragedies that unfurl in the lives of ordinary people when weighed together, can always equal the heavier ones that the government and the warring factions create and inflict on the people); the people.

‘A Son of the Circus’ is primarily set in Mumbai, and the main character alternately lived in the two hotels that were bombed: the Taj Majal, and the Oberoi. So now, reading about the terrorist attacks, I can vividly imagine the chaos.

I wonder if Arundhati will come out with an essay or a commentary on what’s happening in Mumbai? To make sense of what appears on all sides to be senseless and unjustified?


The above video was prepared by May Day Productions. Speaking is Mrs. Maricel Saladero, wife of political detainee, highly-respected Atty. Remigio Saladero. Her talk is so affecting, so beautiful in its sincerity and simplicity.

It’s as clear as the most pristine crystal that the Macapagal-Arroyo regime will stop at nothing to make sure that all those who fight for freedom and for genuine justice will end up either dead, missing, or behind bars. The website on the campaign for his release has details on who Atty. Saladero is. Gives an idea why he was targeted and arrested (sobrang husay na abogado; masipag na aktibista, mabait na kasama).

I have worked with Atty. Saladero, or Ka Meng as he is fondly called. I worked in congress for six years, and all those years everytime Ka Bel’s office needed help critiquing labor bills or drafting labor legislation, Ka Meng could always be relied on to be there to lend his expertise, nevermind that he always had so many, many other things on his plate. Mabait, masipag, mahusay. Medyo corny nga lang minsan ang sense of humor, but heck, pwede na rin!

Huwarang abogado ng mga manggagawa at masang anakpawis

Ipaglaban ang mga tagapagtanggol ng mga manggagawa at maralita — igiit ang kagyat na paglaya ni Ka Meng!

Huwarang abogado ng mga manggagawa at masang anakpawis

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