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January 13, 2009

Support for Palestine

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The following is from an email I received from one of Kimiko’s ninangs, Jo Abaya. It’s dated January 10.

hi ina,

i read your latest blog entry. ever since the war on gaza started, i’ve been watching al jazeera (on livestation and youtube) and reading news articles. i feel such anger and outrage against the horrors inflicted on the people of gaza; the bodies of the palestinian children, the cries of their mothers and fathers, the frustrations of the heroic doctors and medics — i wake up at night seeing their faces and even imagine how i would grieve if my nephews and nieces had been killed by such a cynical and brutal country. while i hope that someday the israeli (and us/eu) murderers will be punished for their crimes, i know that justice is mostly elusive. the un has little credibility and has never stopped or punished israel for its many crimes. the international court of justice, which has ruled on the illegality of israel’s actions, means little to a country like israel which has no respect for ihl and human rights.

i haven’t yet attended any protest actions or spoken out against this war… and i am trying to think of what to do. would you know if bayan or like-minded people in the philippines have organized a boycott? i saw this website which i think is worth considering:

i noticed brands like nestle, starbucks, coca-cola, l’oreal, and others…

i’m trying to find more websites that give more updated information on what companies to boycott. anyway, let me know if you hear of a boycott being organized.

by the way, when is kimiko’s binag? i hope you guys are doing fine.


It does make one feel so angry to be helpless in wanting to stop the attacks in Gaza. It’s no different from what one feels after knowing about the impact of the militarization campaign of the AFP in the provinces, like in Compostela and Masbate: injustice is injustice, no matter where it happens in the world; and the blood of Filipino children is the same color as that of the massacred children of Palestine.You feel such anger and anguish that US-backed governments such as that of Israel and the Philippines can so cold-bloodedly, so callously justify the deaths of civilians including children as ‘collateral damage.’

Jo wants a boycott campaign against companies supporting Israel. So do I. I do hope someone organizes one soon. Jo is right –- a boycott campaign would further generate awareness about what’s happening in Gaza, and what with the global financial crisis, an economic boycott against Israeli companies or companies supporting Israel should send tremors in the international business community.

I badly want to be able to go to the rallies being organized in support of Palestine and against the Israeli attacks. Kaso nga, work is still piled up and all I can do is keep abreast of the news and seethe and grieve with the rest of the humane world for those martyred in Gaza. Israel’s continuous attacks should be condemned by the rest of the world and its leaders found guilty and then punished for crimes against humanity. It’s an outrage that its leaders ruthlessly justify the attacks as correct defense: the sacrifice of so many innocent lives is just punishment against Hamas and its audacity to defy Israel and its international backers.

Israel continues to issue threats against Palestine, saying that it will wield an ‘iron fist’ against Hamas, regardless of how many more lives are lost. Civilians are being killed left and right by the aerial bombardments, and hundreds more are suffering slowly and painfully from cold, hunger, thirst and denial of medical attention. No right-thinking person would even begin to consider that Israel is right in launching and continuing the attacks in Gaza. What the Israeli leaders are doing is no different from what Adolf Hitler did during World War II — it’s genocide. One would think that after what the Jewish people suffered during Hitler’s insane campaign of extermination (it’s not called the ‘Holocaust’ for nothing), the Israeli government would be more humane against other peoples, even its enemies.

But no. They have not learned from history at all.

In the meantime, what the hell is newly-elected US Pres. Barack Obama doing?! The excuse made by his staff that it would not be right for Obama to issue a statement on the crisis in Gaza because George W. Bush is still president is hogwash: Obama can and should speak out on the carnage in Gaza if only in commiseration for the deaths and in condemnation for Israel’s refusal to agree to a ceasefire. The rest of the world, if Obama spoke up in defense of the dying innocents, would hail his strength and compassion.

Kaso nga, the US supports Israel, and nevermind that Obama is barely in office; even now he can be expected to continue the inhumane foreign policy his predecessors began. His silence on Gaza is proof enough for this. So much for change.

January 6, 2009

Anguish in the new year

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I deliberately refrained from reading the newspapers and watching news on tv during the holiday break. It has always been so stressful, monitoring reports about how the Philippines and the rest of the world (humanity, in general) are falling to pieces in various devastating ways. But now that I’m back at work, reading the news cannot be avoided.

It’s horrible how the government leadership of Israel is justifying the attacks against Palestine and the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. So far, the death toll has surpassed the 500 mark, and almost a hundred of the civilian casualties are children.

To say that it’s heartbreaking to see the pictures of the bodies of children killed in the Israeli bombings and airstrikes is an understatement.3baby-murdered-29f8 Tiny bloodied bodies laid out on dusty carpets and threadbare mats s hastily spread on pavements, their faces forever innocent, cold and dead. How the hell can Israel say that it had no choice but to launch attacks?! What do children have to do with Israel’s campaign against Hamas?!

I read the last two day’s accounts of the attacks against Gaza and I can’t help but cry. I think of my own baby daughter and I fear for her. What kind of world is she inheriting? What kind of world are we giving her and billions of other children? If only all the children of the world could be sheltered from the brutality of unjust wars and the cold-blooded politics of superpowers. They should be spared from every and all forms of anguish caused by events and circumstances purely created by injustice, inequality and greed for power, wealth, and territory. How to do this, oh how to do this?!

All that is beautiful and precious in the world to me is concentrated in every smile my baby makes. Every hope I have for a just and lasting peace, a society renewed and freed from the clutches of those who seek to preserve their wealth and power at the expense of all those who toil; all of my happiness and my every joy resides in my little one.And I don’t think that how I feel about my baby is any different from how most other parents feel about their own children.

So given all this, it hurts even to just think what the parents of the children sacrificed in the wake of Israel’s brutality are feeling right now.


I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, but I am determined to continue doing what I’ve always done: to always try to be good.

‘Good’ as in kind. ‘Good’ as in tolerant if not understanding. ‘Good’ as in patient. And ‘good’ as in willing to be always try harder to be good at the work given me. Wish me luck, everyone.