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January 6, 2009

Anguish in the new year

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I deliberately refrained from reading the newspapers and watching news on tv during the holiday break. It has always been so stressful, monitoring reports about how the Philippines and the rest of the world (humanity, in general) are falling to pieces in various devastating ways. But now that I’m back at work, reading the news cannot be avoided.

It’s horrible how the government leadership of Israel is justifying the attacks against Palestine and the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. So far, the death toll has surpassed the 500 mark, and almost a hundred of the civilian casualties are children.

To say that it’s heartbreaking to see the pictures of the bodies of children killed in the Israeli bombings and airstrikes is an understatement.3baby-murdered-29f8 Tiny bloodied bodies laid out on dusty carpets and threadbare mats s hastily spread on pavements, their faces forever innocent, cold and dead. How the hell can Israel say that it had no choice but to launch attacks?! What do children have to do with Israel’s campaign against Hamas?!

I read the last two day’s accounts of the attacks against Gaza and I can’t help but cry. I think of my own baby daughter and I fear for her. What kind of world is she inheriting? What kind of world are we giving her and billions of other children? If only all the children of the world could be sheltered from the brutality of unjust wars and the cold-blooded politics of superpowers. They should be spared from every and all forms of anguish caused by events and circumstances purely created by injustice, inequality and greed for power, wealth, and territory. How to do this, oh how to do this?!

All that is beautiful and precious in the world to me is concentrated in every smile my baby makes. Every hope I have for a just and lasting peace, a society renewed and freed from the clutches of those who seek to preserve their wealth and power at the expense of all those who toil; all of my happiness and my every joy resides in my little one.And I don’t think that how I feel about my baby is any different from how most other parents feel about their own children.

So given all this, it hurts even to just think what the parents of the children sacrificed in the wake of Israel’s brutality are feeling right now.


I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, but I am determined to continue doing what I’ve always done: to always try to be good.

‘Good’ as in kind. ‘Good’ as in tolerant if not understanding. ‘Good’ as in patient. And ‘good’ as in willing to be always try harder to be good at the work given me. Wish me luck, everyone.

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