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April 27, 2009

Miko’s encounter with Jollibee

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Miko looks bored, doesn't she?

Miko looks bored, doesn't she?

Ang daming developments, hindi ko na malaman kung ano ang uunahin. Matagal-tagal na din akong hindi nagbo-blog. Wala rin kasing panahon, at pag may panahon naman, mas Facebook ang hinaharap, hay.

Congressman na ang berdugong si Jovito Palparan! Kahila-hilakbot! Bumabaligtad ang sikmura ko tuwing iniisip ko na tatawagin siyang ‘Your Honor.” It goes beyond all reason and sanity that a man like him should be allowed to hold public office; but then again, this is, after all, the Philippines where children and even babies are tagged as NPA sympathizers and then shot to death by the military. This is a country with officials the likes of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Norberto Gonzales, Raul Gonzalez, Eduardo Ermita. This is a country where people still die of tuberculosis and from eating killer mushrooms, puffer fish, rootcrops. This is a country where almost a thousand political activists have been killed and the so-called authorities profess to finding not a single clue as to who the killers were or why the victims were killed.

So congressman na si Palparan.

Sana abutan siya ng katarungan isang araw,  isang araw na sana’y di gaanong katagalan o kalayuan.


Our happiness that Raymond Palatino, Atty. Neri Colmenares and Ka Joel Maglunsod was somewhat diluted because of the news that Palparan would also be taking office.  But then again, sino nga ba si Palparan sa kalikingkingan pa lang ni Mong?

Last Saturday I took Kimiko to her first Jollibee party. It was my pamangkin Abby’s seventh birthday, and the parents went all -out for it.  I wish they’d chosen some other place to hold Abby’s party, but apparently all the kids are nuts for the giant bubuyog, so…It wasn’t like they had a choice in the matter.

To my relief (and pride), Miko wasn’t scared of the mascots.  I was a little worried that Miko would scream and throw a tantrum of fear once Jollibee and Hetty Spaghetti made their entrance (some of the other kids ran away crying, hiding behind their parents); but Miko just looked on.  Truth be said, Miko looked a tad bored with Jollibee, but showed a little interest in Hetty : most probably because I told her that Hetty was her Dolly, only bigger (Miko has a Cabbage Patch doll we christened redundantly ‘Dolly’).

While all the other children (the ones who didn’t freak out) swarmed forward hugging, touching Jollibee and Hetty, dancing with them, Miko stayed still in my arms, looking on, an indifferent observer. I guess I was also a little sad that she didn’t have a better time at the party, but heck, what can I do, at 9 months, she already has the temperament of a bored and jaded adult.

Yesterday we took her to see her doctor, and Miko’s grew by three centimeters in three weeks, yay!


Am done with the short draft of the book of Ka Bel’s bio. It was very hard going, working on it.  It still hurt to read and write about Ka Bel. Sometimes I’d forget that he’s already gone, and I’d smile at remembering certain things he’d said or done;  and then it would yet again hit me that he’s not there anymore.

May 20 is his first death anniversary. I haven’t even gone to visit his grave.

I’m learning to cut dead wood.  I don’t have the energy, the will, or the time to keep ties that haven’t led anywhere in the last two years.  I’m happy with the friends that I have, and those I haven’t seen, talked to, or made contact with in the last two years don’t really qualify as friends anymore, so delete-delete-delete.

Just this afternoon I unfriended a (former) friend and ex-activist who included Prof. Jose Ma. Sison among the five people she wants to punch in the face.  Delete-delete-delete. Simple.

Am so looking foward to Star Trek Enterprise! Ilang tulog na lang!


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