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May 11, 2009

Healthy Options Shangri-la sucks

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Well, that should get their attention.

Kimiko has atopic dermatitis, so she’s allergic to a lot of things and we really have to be careful about what she eats. Sometimes she gets bored of the usual organic rice lugaw, so I get her cereal from Healthy Options — that and  the bottled juice, fruits and veggies, all of which are supposed to be organic.

Anyways,  I usually buy from the Healthy Options branch in Ayala. It’s the most convenient branch for me; but last Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) I opted to go the Shangri-la branch because it was raining and I didn’t feel like walking the distance from the MRT Ayala Station to Greenbelt Park.

Pagdating ko sa branch, I went directly to the shelves. Immediately I noticed how bored and snooty the made-up cashier and store personnel were (they did look snooty, they did!). They didn’t even lift their heads to say ‘good evening, mam.'(Not that I require or demand salespersons to kowtow or salaam to me, pero the difference between the Ayala staff and the Shangri-la staff was glaring because the former are always smiling and pleasant when I visit their store).

Okay, so there I was, picking out the jars of fruit and vegetables and cereal for Miko. One of the counterpersons walked near and no, she didn’t ask me if I needed help, she looked at me like I was going to shoplift! Holy heck, I wasn’t paranoid. Okay sure, so I wasn’t dressed to the nines, but still.

I went to the vitamin supplement shelves and asked for a bottle of fenugreek. Aba, another counterperson walked up, lazily reached up to take a jar, then handed it to me. The boredom couldn’t have been more obvious on her face. When I asked if they had a smaller jar (kasi 100 capsules agad, I wanted to try out 50 capsules first), she looked at me with something akin to a smirk — as if to tell me , what, you can’t afford a P675 bottle? – and answered “wala”‘ in a bored tone that matched her previously bored look.

Okaaaay. Hell, I know it’s somewhat conceited, but I’ve been told that when I speak English I sound like an American, and it was the freaking first time that I wanted to give someone a dressing down  in English, complete with the freaking twang. E putsa, the Shangri-la Healthy Options staff had the look of bigots — parang they prefer their customers in Giorgio Armani or Escada before they serve them with a smile. Should I have spoken to them in English instead of Filipino? Wait, the last time I checked, I was still in the Philippines and  don’t give a centavo’s worth of pakialam that the Philippines is supposed to be the third biggest English-speaking country. Would it have made a difference if I spoke in a foreign tongue?

Sa pagmumukha ng mga staff sa Shangri-la, I think yes, it would have. Anak ng #$%%^$@@$^&@!

healthy options recptI paid and walked out. At the time I wasn’t upset,  I just noticed how rude they were. I was in a good and forgiving  mood because the pipe-in music was The Beatles and who could be angry hearing “Here Comes the Sun”?

Anyways, hindi na ako bibili na hinayupak na tindahan na yan sa Shangri-la. I’m a fan of the salestaff of the Greenbelt HealthyOptions branch: they’re polite kahit na one time I was wearing muddy sneakers and a ripped t-shirt. They still gave me the full wattage of their smiles, and they asked how I was and my baby (syempre smart sila, seeing that I always bought  baby food it was plain commonsense that I had a baby). I’m writing this just in case naggo-google ang management ng Healthy Options. I’m not really upset now, but am a little pissed off. Paano pa kaya sila if they’re dealing with even ‘lesser mortals?’

Tomorrow I’ll have the receipt scanned and pasted here. Hmmm.


  1. Healthy Options is owned by Monsanto, the US corporation that introduced genetically modified corn. I wonder if they consider that to be organic?

    Comment by Jed — May 12, 2009 @ 4:47 am

  2. Up na ang

    Comment by kim mo — May 18, 2009 @ 7:10 pm

  3. shocks! naloka naman me sa ganyang approach talaga ng Healthy options staff. Same dito sa Rustan’s branch. Parang mga tuod na nakatayo at kala mo shoplifter, hello Rustan yun. di talaga sila maaccomodate ng maayos. Laging Bored and walang life sila lahat. Thanks, I better check Greenbelt branch.

    Comment by Edison — December 28, 2010 @ 12:20 am

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