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May 26, 2009


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Is it so bad that  I want a Pontiki? That, and a couple of other toys (Lego has a Harry Potter series, and I want one the box with the Shrieking Shack in it and a minifig of  tragic hero Prof.  Severus Snape; also, it would be great if I had a train set, with the trains made of wood; or those paper dolls made by Legacy Designs)? I reaaally want one, and I want to put it on my desk so I could tinker with it during breaks. I want to pull it apart and then put it back together. I  want to look at it and smile.

I could buy it, sure; but to what ends? I’m supposed to be a grown-up (I have Miko, fer cryin’ out loud!), and I have adult responsibilities…

Still, I want a Pontiki! I just let this idea I have of getting one simmer and then decide next week if I will succumb to my more childish urges or resist and instead use the moolah to get Miko, say, new books (she gets bored after a week or two).

Or I could use Miko as an excuse (that she will inherit the Pontiki from me!)? Nah.


There are so many serious issues that I could blog about today, but darn if I can muster enough seriousness and sobriety to pick one. It’s a hot Tuesday afternoon and the aircon is on full-blast, but the very idea of how the heat continues to bake and fry hapless ants on the sidewalk just outside the building is enough to make me feel parched all over. My brain isn’t working properly.

Thoughts about the Pontiki aside, I had a major argument with Kim this afternoon via YM, and I hours later I still feel like murdering innocent lambs and calves. Kim is a true-blue Vulcan, ever logical and ever scientific (his words, not mine) in his arguments, but he is also ruthless like a Romulan and he will dissect your argument with a scalpel until it is laid bare and you feel so frustrated and annoyed because all the freakin’ effort and hullaballoo was just over Miko’s latest cute trick (picking out imaginary lice from her hair and then popping said lice into her baby mouth).

“Did Miko see a monkey do the same thing?”


“Did Miko see anyone do the same thing (an adult or another child)?”


“But it’s impossible for Miko to have simply picked up the trick without first seeing someone else do it; after all, babies are great imitators. So it wasn’t a miracle, was it now? You weren’t being logical or scientific.”

Who said it was a miracle? And where the hell do logic and scientific thinking come in?

Jeezum crow and freaking hell, I was just telling a freaking story. Gad. Kim can be so literal, so boring that I want to commit suicide; but not before I tell him off for being such a %^$#@$#^(%$.

So maybe this is why I want a Pontiki (yes, we’re back to the Pontiki), because I’m so stressed out after arguing with a robot and maybe, with a Pontiki, I can de-stress.

On the whole, I admire Kim’s intellect. But not when he uses it to be such an exacting @#$^##@%! and he’s barely human.He admires  Spock; but he’s being the young Spock and not the one who matured and embraced the human aspect of his nature and being with all its flaws and weaknesses. If and when he reads this, he will probably frown and be exasperated as to why on earth I would want yet another toy to add to the clutter on my desk here at work or the shelves at home where the dust gathers on the leaves of the FlipFlap and the Darth Tater.

I don’t care. I will be illogical (he will also say that this entire blog has no logic and smacks of emotion and for that it should be deleted) and I will be unscientific (when one is being emotional, one is in danger of making unscientific opinions, initiating unscientific actions — such as blogging and dissing your husband) and I will get a Pontiki!

Or maybe not. I’ll think about it some more.

And I’m still sore about the argument with Kim (who will say it wasn’t an argument: he’ll reason out that it was just him trying to clarify matters. I will insist, on the other hand, that he was an effing pedant and it made my hair turn white with frustration trying to get him to baaaaaack off).

In the meantime, I’ll pretend I’ve already bought a Pontiki and it’s here on my desk.

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