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August 14, 2009

Feed Macapagal- Arroyo UFC Sarsarap for a month

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a-palace-invitationufc sarsarap 2Gad, Malacanang and congressional swine — of course led by the Main Oinker herself — have been having the time of their lives spending millions of pesos in the US, eating lunches and dinners at swanky places. Back at home, their constituents are slowly starving even as they struggle to find means to feed themselves and their families. And when there is money, what the hell can it buy when the prices of everything continues to aim for outer space?

What’s that new product Mr. Jimmy Santos is endorsing? The gravy-sauce thing which people are supposed to pour over rice and there’s no more need for a viand that has anything solid in it like meat, fish or vegetables? Well, I suppose many Filipinos are being forced to buy and eat that in lieu of more nutritious but more expensive food. The sauce thing that’s supposed to come in various flavors like adobo and lechon paksiw is cheaper than instant mami noodles, and there’s no more need for cooking (gas is freaking expensive). The fact that such a product has been developed and is being mass marketed says much about the state of the economy, and the state of the budgets of most households.

I can’t comment on the taste of UFC Sarsarap (I haven’t eaten it), but i suppose its safe to venture the opinion that it can’t be chockful of nutrients, can it?  What would happen to your kidney and liver if you eat it on a regular basis. Seems to me like an MSG festival, and yes, I still haven’t bought into the Ajinomoto campaign that MSG is good and yay for the classic umami flavor…

The only good thing to come out of this issue of Macapagal-Arroyo’s power-tripping via gastronomy (well, what else can you call it? She and her disgusting companions ate at Le Cirque and Bobby Van’s because the places were elitist, wildly expensive, and to be seen eating there meant that you were someone. Nevermind if you were officials of  Third World country 200 years behind other nations with First World status, they wanted to be there!!! ) is that more and more Filipinos are becoming fed up (pardon the pun) with her and her corrupt government.  I’ll just bet that abroad, embassy and consulate officials are secretly embarrassed to death by their executive’s shameless and callous conduct.

As a form of penance, Macapagal-Arroyo and all the other shameless officials who ate with her in Le Cirque and Bobby Van’s should eat UFC Sarsarap for a month, and nothing else. Okay, because I am against torture and cruel and unusual punishment, I would allow Arroyo to be served instant noodles and canned sardines in tomato sauce (no, not the foreign brands that come in the flat tins but the local brands) after every four meals.

It’s also so infuriating that now Malacanang’s various defenders and spokspersons are training their guns on the local and international media for reporting Macapagal-Arroyo et al’s  shenanigans in the US. As if it’s the media’s fault. What happened to the media’s duty to report relevant and important events?  Because the president’s shameless conduct and profligate spending (or condonation of the same by anyone in her party) is relevant to the Filipino people; and it’s important to report the truth regarding such.

Now’s it also being reported that Macapagal-Arroyo and the even more despicable First Gentleman (gad, it took some effort to type that without upchucking) with their entourage (ranging from 50 to 65 hanger-ons ) ate at the  Le Cirque. the bill, it’s said, was shouldered by the RP embassy in the US and the salaries of the rank and file employees were delayed.

The Arroyos were said to have stayed in the  Waldorf hotel, in a suite which cost $3,500/day  (P168,210). The sycophants and hanger-ons were billeted in rooms that cost  $950/day (P45,657), and they rented  60 rooms all in all! In the meantime, the swine all came in stretch limousines which were rented for three days.

Okay, I’ve changed my mind: UFC Sarsarap lang kakainin nilang lahat.

(“Formal Invitation”  image courtesy of Kabataan Party-List)

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