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September 9, 2009

Noynoy Aquino joins the fray

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NoynoyNoynoy is running! Yellow fever is so on! Yahooo!

Actually, I’m not that excited; but it seems that a lot of other people are, and I can understand why: Noynoy Aquino’s involvement in the presidential fray has officially shaken the political spectrum and I think that there’s going to be real fight now. Noynoy’s the last person one would’ve thought to be throwing his hat in the arena, and now, well…

I’m not at all sold on Noynoy’s declaration and initial promises that he is all for change. He’s not the first one to have said that– in fact, all of the presidental wannabees have issued the same promise, but none of them have given any specifics.

What kind of change are they really talking about anyway? New names, new faces in the cabinet? Sure, that’s easy; but what about the programs and policies when it comes to the economy, foreign relations, cultural affairs, and political governance? Will Noynoy be able able to be put in place a genuinely pro-poor, pro-people and pro-national government– one that is not beholden to any local or foreign power but subservient to the will of the Filipino masses, sensitive to their needs, and obedient to their calls?

I want to know what Noynoy’s stands are on the issues of minimum wage; land reform; mass unemployment; subsidized public housing, education and medical services. I want to know what he intends to do about the ubquitous and treacherous presence of US military troops in the country; corruption in government agencies. It would also be interesting to hear what he thinks about the stubborn stance of the Roman Catholic church against birth control and planned parenthood. Will he dismantle political dynasties and private armies? What is his stand on the extrajudicial killings and abduction of human rights and political activists and journalists?

For the last few days it’s been reported that Noynoy went on some sort of religious retreat so he can contemplate on whether or not he should run for the highest seat. I wonder whether he also thought, not only of whether he can win or not, or whether he can do the duties of the presidency or not, but more about what he can and will do if he does win. I don’t want to be a wet blanket so early on in this rather interesting development, but there really is a tremendous chance that he will be like his predecessors if and when he wins: a representative of his class, one who will give the scantiest attention to the plight of the poor or, if he does pay attention, it will be the wrong kind and he will do more damage than good to their welfare because of the twisted policies he will implement.

I believe that anyone can leave their class interest behind and embrace another. But can and will Noynoy do this and be a traitor to the selfish and narrow economic and political interests of his class and be a hero of the oppressed and impoverished?

For once I agree with Malacanang: it’s not enough to be the son of Ninoy and Cory. Noynoy will have to prove himself not so much that he is worthy to be called their son, but that he is worthy of the trust Filipinos are giving him because he is precisely Ninoy and Cory’s son. And as it is in the case of all those who aspire for true but selfless greatness, he must surpass his parents  and achieve what they were unable to gain for the nation; he must at least try.

I’m not going to be wearing yellow, or flashing the ‘L’ for ‘laban’ sign anytime soon; but I will be reading all news reports and stories about Noynoy.  I will be monitoring his statements, and I will be analyzing them. I am intrigued by this development, and somehow I have this feeling that something good will come out of this (not necessarily a big deal for the Filipino people, but…).

I am prone to cynicism (who isn’t in this country? After being betrayed time and again by those who proclaimed themselves servants of the people and then were inevitably exposed as the laziest but most vicious  masters and slave drivers, I think this should be expected), but this development is of a different stripe. Mar Roxas proclaiming to run wasn’t exciting, it was annoying; but Roxas giving way and Noynoy ascending to take their party banner? Interesting.

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  1. congrats

    Comment by Sophia ^_^ — June 9, 2010 @ 6:38 am

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