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November 6, 2009

Why I will vote for Satur Ocampo on May 10

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SO1. Because Satur Ocampo is a good man.

He is a good man in the most essential sense: his selflessness has enabled him to live and work for the poor and the oppressed of the Philippines. He chose to forego his own wants and needs and patterned his life after the lives of great men and women. He is self-sacrificing, he is compassionate, he practices what he preaches. He lives simply. He has no measure for his own greatness as humility is ever-present in his character. He has no ambitions for himself, only for the causes he espouses and the poor whom he represents.

2. Because Satur Ocampo does not work for money.

As a journalist, he was offered bribes, and he never accepted them. As a congressman, he was also offered the same, and again he refused them. His principles are not for sale. He is a man who cannot be bought. He tirelessly works for the Filipino people , for the cause of human rights, for social justice and equality. He believes that fighting for justice is its own reward, and the very hope that one day true democracy and freedom will dawn on the  Philippines is enough payment for his efforts.

3. Because Satur Ocampo is a gentleman and respects women and the youth.

He has the highest respect for women and their rights. He recognizes their value in society, and deeply appreciates that women are equal with women in building a better country for tomorrow’s Filipinos. He supports their aspirations and their ideals. He believes that Filipinas can serve well beyond the hearth and home — they belong in every arena where genuine progress and development can be achieved for the greater good.

He respects the youth. He relies on the enthusiasm of the youth and believes that they truly are the future. Hence he does his best to be an inspiration to them. Teaching indirectly by being a living example. A leader worth emulating. He encourages the youth to be daring and to not sell their votes. He believes that it is not enough to simply register for the polls; it’s not enough that one votes. It’s important to him that the youth be well aware whom they are voting for and why; to realize that the democratic exercise is the least they can be involved in if they genuinely want change to happen.

Satur challenges the youth to aspire to higher challenges.

4. Because  Satur Ocampo fights for human rights.

And unfailingly so. His track record as a human rights advocate and a genuine freedom-fighter is beyond reproach. He has fought against fascist regimes and their policies and programs that undermine and attack human rights and not once has he buckled down. As a journalist and as a congressman, he has helped expose issues that seriously impact on the civil, political and economic rights of Filipinos.  He has not shied away from sensitive issues of national concern, and instead fearlessly spoke out either in support or against them as the case may be in relation to the public welfare.

The US-Marcos dictatorship’s attempts to break to his spirit failed, and so have succeeding governments’. The Macapagal-Arroyo government’s own moves to have him jailed and locked-away in Hilongos, Leyte backfired because it was clear even to the blind that the charges against him were malicious and manufactured.  So long as he breathes, he will defend the cause of human rights and be a defender of Filipinos.

5. Because Satur Ocampo is a good husband, father and grandfather.

Family is important, and he has done his best to be a role model as a father, as a husband, as a grandfather. Despite the various challenges that he has met in the conduct of his life’s work and committment to serve the people, he has not neglected his family and has done his best to there for them. He also remains the loyal and loving son to his elderly mother who still resides in Pampanga.

6. Because Satur Ocampo does not have personal ambition.

In his humility, he still believes that he is not worthy of the admiration and respect people from all walks of life give him. Evan now as he is being asked to represent the basic sectors in the senate, he remains critical of his own self and his worthiness.  He is, however, not one to turn away from duty when it is presented to him, and he will do all in power to do his duty faithfully and well.

7. Because Satur Ocampo’s heart is for the masses.

He grew up the son of peasants, and he genuinely knows what poverty and deprivation are. He studied and worked hard not to leave behind his class origins, but so he could learn and find means to help his family, and by extension others like them. His commitment to help his family extended and expanded to others, and as he grew older, his committment only strengthened, sharpened, and grew in scope and depth to lead towards goals of social emancipation.

He is a defender of peasants’ rights and their call for genuine agrarian reform.

He is a defender of labor and migrant rights. He believes in socialized housing, subsidized/free education and health services. He is against militarization in the countryside and believes that all foreign debt should be cancelled or at least an indefinite moratorium on debt payments should be implemented. He believes in defending the country’s economic, political and cultural sovereignty from the influence and interference of foreign powers. He is against trade liberalization at the expense of economic sovereignty and security. He is against privatization and deregulation of major industries, and lobbies for nationalization and greater state subsidies for social services.

He believes that it is the Filipino masses themselves who will free themselves from enslavement, and they themselves will lead efforts to build a renewed Philippines.

8.  Because Satur Ocampo  believes in science and progress for the people.

He believes in establishing a system of education that is nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented. He believes that Filipino scientists and researchers need to be supported — their works given attention and encouraged. To him, the Filpino system of education needs to be overhauled and reoriented towards serving the needs of the people and the establishment of an economy that is self-sustaining and aimed towards raising the standards of health and living of the Filipino people.

9. Because Satur Ocampo is one heck of a good-looking senior citizen who will also fight for the rights of the elderly.

For instance, he wants the EVAT to be repealed, and at the onset, for the EVAT to exclude all medicines for senior citizens.

10. Because Satur Ocampo, for all the reasons previously mentioned and more,  is better than most other candidates running for the senate put together, and I want my vote to count.

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