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February 5, 2010

Why Villar and not Noynoy and other musings

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Whatever would we do without Booksale? It would be a miserable life, forever going to Powerbooks and wishing in van for copies of novels and short stories and trying to read and finish them in one sitting (an impossible feat, unless you intend to pitch a tent right there and seek permission from the management to stay the night).

There are days when I don’t find anything interesting (for me), then there are days when whoa! I end up spending P500 for four books that would’ve ordinarily cost me at least P350 each had I gotten them from Powerbooks or Page One. Not that I’d ever buy from those stores: kahit gustusin ko pa, alaws pera.

I wish I knew who owns Booksale so I could talk to them and thank them a million times over.
Finished watching Season 2 of True Blood. Am no end amused by Jason Stackhouse. An episode a day is simply not enough, but hey…
Bought Miko four tubs of Play-Doh. I wonder if she’ll try to eat it… Wag naman sana.

I confess to becoming really annoyed with the assertions of Noynoy Aquino supporters that the Left backed the wrong person in the 2010 presidential elections. That the Left committed nothing short of a crime by throwing its lot with Sen. Manny Villar and having Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza hitch their respective senatorial campaigns to that of the Nacionalista Party.

It’s been at least three months since Makabayan came out with its explanations (not justifications, explanations), and also since then countless bloggers and writers of the progressive mass movement have also come up with their own correct analysis as to why Villar and not Noynoy.

But none of this seems enough. Nothing will ever be enough because the Noynoy fans (many of whom were never fans of the Left, either) simply hate Villar’s guts. They don’t want explanations — they will not accept them — they want Makabayan and national democrats to change their position and support Noynoy. That’s it, in a nutshell. Noynoy supporters want to rub our faces in our supposed mistake, they really don’t care to hear any explanations (but some are pretending that they do; although there are others who really do want to know); and even if they do listen, their minds are already made up that we are wrong wrong wrong.

I am quite, quite in admiration of friends and colleagues who still have the patience and the good grace to continue explaining. Because frankly, I myself have become tired of this debate. The Left owes an explanation? Okay, so it gave a very comprehensive one. But did Noynoy’s supporters accept it? By golly gee whiz, no! And some have even taken to insulting Satur and Liza, saying that they don’t deserve to be elected.

How narrow-minded, subjective, and ignorant can you get? Some people really have the perspective of house flies! As if Satur and Liza’s records were ever tarnished or diminished simply because of their willingness to work with Manny Villar. As if Satur Ocampo’s long and faultless history of fighting for human rights and a just and lasting peace in the Philippines can ever be negated by this issue alone. I hope political myopia isn’t catching, because it’s certainly spreading among Noynoy’s most vocal defenders. (I’ll just bet that they’ll counter — yeah, well, Villar’s supporters in the Left have political naivete, haha!)

Noynoy. The man refused to dialogue with Makabayan; he chose to offer the weakest, most insulting excuses for Hacienda Luisita and his family’s refusal to finally and decisively put an end to the misery and injustice they have inflicted on the farmers, farmworkers and their families. He sees himself as cast in the mold of his parents, and believes his own propaganda that by being the son of Cory and Ninoy is enough reason for him to be elected.

The man is a blank slate. He promises to do good, to fight corruption, to never steal. For all this, I commend him, but the fact that he has turned his back on the very valid issues presented to him by the farmers of Hacienda Luisita is unforgivable. The man also has a secret but slowly blossoming hatred for the national democrats, and how can I vote for a man who resents us?

Manny Villar. He isn’t my first choice for president. To be truthful, I’d much rather vote for Bro. Eddie Villanueva (like I did in the 2004 polls). But I have come to admire Villar in the last few months.

Villar has shown political maturity and intelligence in his willingness to be allies with Makabayan. While at first I resented the message his ads carried (he will be the one to end the Filipino people’s poverty), I thought long and hard and reconsidered: the man is brave and honest enough to make all these promises again and again — surely, he will at least make a genuine attempt to make good on them? Because the commitments he made — to provide housing, health and education to the poor; to help OFWs, farmers, to provide the unemployed jobs — they’re quite heavy. And the repercussions, surely, too, he is aware of what he will face if he wins and he fails to deliver.

Because there will be hell to pay if he fails. Because accountability is not just a word, and Filipinos ARE sick and tired of corruption and abuse, the disgusting pigsty of lies and cover-ups that is the government. Para saan ba ang sama-samang pagkilos? At para saan ba ang ating mga karapatan na tumuligsa, magprotesta at lumaban?

To Noynoy’s supporters — those who will not vote for Noynoy are NOT idiots, and if you want to insult us or the poor who have been ‘fooled’ into believing Villar’s sincerity and his vision for the country, it’s your call. I would, however, wish that you guys would strive to maintain MANNERS in the midst of heated debate. And keep self-righteousness to a minimum, please I implore.

(I was particularly shocked when a journalist whose work I like and whose stands — so far– I have respected retorted to a thread on the Villar vs Noynoy debate: Kung gusto nyo lang pala ng kausap, marami namang GRO dyan. Okaaaaaaaaay. So much for respect. Mapanghati talaga ang eleksyon; but does it have to mean that we embrace rudeness? We’re not convincing each other anyways, but others who read the stuff we write. It doesn’t reflect well on Noynoy, either, that his supporters have become shrill, defensive and sometimes offensive.)

In the meantime Villar doesn’t strike me to be anything similar to Joseph Estrada who issued the same promises but delivered the lines like they were movie dialogue (and none of the promises came to pass, either). The man is determined to win, he is in single-minded pursuit of the presidency and he says he wants to serve the country because he has already achieved his own dreams for himself and his family.

Trivia: Villar holds the record as top filer of Senate bills and resolutions among those running for prez. In contrast, Noynoy Aquino had the lowest output. As of Jan. 27, 2010, Villar’s output was 744 proposed measures and resolutions. Aquino filed 69 bills and resolutions.

In the meantime, according to a study conducted by Dr. Ebinezer Florano, chair of the Master of Public Management Program of UP Open University, of the 21 Republic Acts approved by both Houses of Congress and signed by Malacanang, Villar authored and co-authored 10 original bills that eventually became laws.

Siguro naman this should stand for something that the man wasn’t just twiddling his thumbs in the Senate.

(Maybe Noynoy’s supporters resent him because he’s rich? Just a thought. That’s class hatred for you. I find it funny in this context. Mayaman pero baduy yata ang tingin nila kay Villar. The man came from a poor family, got rich, but he’s still jologs? Noynoy, in contrast, has pedigree? And that’s what’s called elitism.)

On the issue of corruption. The C5 issue. Noynoy’s supporters say that it’s a big deal, that its a glaring red flag, a sign of what Villar is capable of doing if and when elected. I agree; there is a need to investigate the issue and get down to the truth of the matter. But Villar has denied all involvement, all corruption; and Noynoy’s supporters are outraged, and they want everyone else, including Makabayan supporters, to feel the same.

But is this issue enough to dismiss the man and his willingness to work with Makabayan?
It’s not. It’s really not.

Sino nga ba sa kanilang mga pulitiko ang talagang malinis at tapat at walang nagawang kahit isang kasalanan sa panunungkulan? Ang mahalaga sa ganitong panahon ay ang makabuo ng pagkakaisa kung ano ang dapat gawin sa gobyerno pagkatapos ang termino ni Macapagal-Arroyo. I have no doubt that Makabayan would have been open to working with Noynoy Aquino, but it would still have been a principled unity. Noynoy was not prepared, he was not willing. And here we are.

This entire piece strikes me as simplistic to a fault, but hey, let’s think horses and not zebras. The 2010 election and whatever its results will not end the Filipino people’s struggle for genuine social change. I will not give myself more headaches than I already have thinking of ways to convince those who will not even listen.

They should vote for whoever they want to, and since choose Noynoy, not a problem — no skin off my nose, and the man isn’t evil after all. But all in all, I would much rather work and help in Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza win the senatorial race. And after the elections, well, there’s more work. To borrow a phrase from the master showman Kuya Germs, Walang tulugan ang pagrerebolusyon at pagbabago ng lipunan.


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  3. Villaroyo.

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  5. If I could only contact BookSale, I’d offer to set up their website and make them a poor people’s Amazon.Com. My wishlist:
    * a database that shows what titles are available at which branch
    * update this database when they pull out stocks and bring in new ones
    * order online

    O baka naman meron na silang website, di lang gaano sikat?

    Comment by Jun Verzola — May 3, 2010 @ 12:43 pm

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