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March 13, 2010

Satur Ocampo Live

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During last Thursday night’s live web chat with Makabayan senatorial bet and Nacionalista Party guest candidate Satur Ocampo, netizens asked him not only pertinent questions regarding the prospects of the Philippines in the aftermath of the May 10 polls but a few showbiz questions as well. It was Ka Satur’s first time to do a webchat, and admittedly some of us felt a little worried that he would be a) uncomfortable, b)lost, or c) bored but he was none of those things and all in all, the activity was a great success. Over 650 had logged on to watch and listen to Ka Satur and there were more than a hundred questions.

The webchat was slated to begin at 7:45. Some 30 minutes before, Ka Satur sat in a corner speaking with supporters who dropped by to wish him and his campaign well. During a short lull, I asked him how he was faring with computers. He answered ruefully, not very well. He’d tried before and he’d gotten tired. Was it the screen? The keyboard? He didn’t know. He’d try again to make friends with the technology next time he has a chance, but for the most part he was still old school, writing and editing longhand. Then, a little sheepishly I thought, he brought out his cellphone. “Tignan mo ito, pudpod na.” And yes, the keypad (a Nokia something. It was a camera phone) had lost all its numerals and letters. A textaddict, that’s what he was. I wondered if he’d like it if he had internet access on his phone?

Five minutes after the webchat started, it was evident that Ka Satur was in his element: he answered briefly but concisely heavy questions and he didn’t shy away from some of the lighter ones. He was game, that’s what he was — as a neophyte in the world of webchats, he was a natural and he performed with flying colors. He sat in front of the Mac and looked grave and smiled at turns, depending on the questions. He was serious and sincere in answering the queries, and you could see through it all that he was enjoying himself.

There was one chatter (is that what they’re called?) who expressed doubt that he was really talking to Ka Satur. Ka Satur couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Oo, ako ito Hindi ka siguro pamilyar sa boses ko,e. Sorry na lang!”

Asked if he would seek the endorsement of actor Deither Ocampo, Ka Satur jokingly answered “Matagal ko na ring iniisip na magkamukha kami ni Deither, pero wala naman akong anak sa labas…Wala namang problema kung -endorse ako ni Deither.”

Satur said that he had heard that the young Ocampo was also a philanthropist, helping children in a non-profit organization he founded. “That’s good of him,” he said.

If his life would be made into a movie, who’s the actor he wants to portray him? Satur said that some had suggested Lito Lapid, but he would much prefer Pen Medina. Apparently, Mr. Medina has already expressed interest: should any film bio project come up, he’d willingly play Satur.

Is Kris Aquino going to endorse him any time soon in his bid for the senate? “Back in 2001 when I was running for Congress under Bayan Muna party-list, Kris endorsed us. When her mother former president Cory Aquino died, I attended the wake and there, Kris expressed gratitude because I had previously sent flowers to her mother when Cory was ill in the hospital. Now I’m running under the Nacionalista Party and Kris is of course supporting her brother in the Liberal Party. It’s up to Kris if she still wants to endorse me or not, but any help would be welcomed, of course,” Satur answered.

There were some questions that I thought he’d be cautious about answering, but again, I was wrong. There was none of the defensiveness I thought he would have when answering queries as to why and Liza Maza allied themselves with the Nacionalista Party. He breezed right through such questions, expressing faith in Makabayan’s alliance with NP, and its endorsement of the NP’s standard bearers. “Maganda ang takbo ng kampanya, maayos at masigla. Magtutuloy-tuloy ito hanggang Mayo 10,” he said confidently.

Ka Satur also revealed that he was approached by various people’s groups and organizations in Pampanga when it became clear that Pres. Macapagal-Arroyo was running for congress in its second district. “They wanted me to run against Macapagal-Arroyo as congressman. I considered it briefly, but it turned out that I was registered not in Pampanga where I grew up but in Quezon City where I have been based since I was married. Also, by then, the plans for my senatorial candidacy had already been laid out,” he said.

He was asked how old he was and he answered without pause that he was 71 and still very able to work for change. “Kalakhan kasi ng mga kasama ko sa trabaho at kampanya ay mga bata, kaya parang bumabata na rin ako,” he said.True enough, Ka Satur is by far the most good looking senior citizen I have ever come across. No wonder Dr. Margie Holmes said that Ka Satur was sexy.

Imagine how proud those lucky enough to have been there to hear him speak about socialism (that it was the only option available to any and all country genuinely seeking progress) and the word ‘Leftist’ was a title anyone should be proud to claim.

“Walang masama o nakakahiya sa pagiging leftist. Pinagmamalaki ko na Leftist ako. Leftist kasi talaga sa pag-iisip, at kahit sa pagsusulat kasi left ang gamit ko. Left ang matuwid at sa boxing ang malakas ay ang left hook!”

Ka Satur ended his webchat by thanking everyone who logged on. A lot of people have since said that the session should have lasted longer because they still had questions. I bet many had a kick out of hearing Ka Satur say their name and mention their organizations. There were even greetings from Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes, when I’m angry over something, the words just flow like water. Right now I’m not angry over anything and the words have the consistency of mud. The weather’s too horrid to be agitated over anything, but I supposed what I’m feeling right now is annoyance.

Noynoy Aquino has his sister the ever-talkative and ever-tactless Kris campaigning for him and it’s being made out to be a big thing because Kris is supposed to be this big celebrity. But now, in the news, Noynoy is trying to downplay the fact that the Nacionalista Party and Manny Villar have boxing champ Manny Pacquiao campaigning for them.

Sheesh. What works for him, he’s saying, shouldn’t work for others. Like he’s the only one entertainment celebrities should endorse.

Another annoying thing — his latest tv ad. Gaaaaad! Because he really has no achievements to speak of, he shamelessly drags out his personal history as the son of Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino and says piteously and complete with hangdog expression, “Inapi din kami…” Doesn’t that want to make you barf?! And there go his sisters saying that the Hacienda Luisita farmers are spoiled. Why don’t you women donate your Patek Philippe watches to the farmers and spoil them some more?


  1. Hi Ina!

    That was not Ka Satur’s first time to do a webchat.

    His first was on Sept. 21, 2006 – martial law anniversary. It was arguably the country’s first online press conference. Read more at:

    Comment by Tonyo Cruz — March 13, 2010 @ 12:41 pm

  2. […] last March 11, Ka Satur again engaged netizens and the public in a live webchat, upon invitation of […]

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