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May 12, 2010

Goodluck, Noynoy

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For a moment I will vent and pretend that I don’t know that there are infinitely greater alternatives to the kind of society we have now, that there are more important tasks than winning reactionary elections.

Give me this moment to vent, to be angry, to be sad, to be disgusted, and to express how appalled I am at what kind of nation we are because we elect ham actors to the senate and their wives to congress, because we try to re-eelct ex presidents ousted for plunder, because we let our votes be bought and sold, because the Marcoses are back big time (Sen. Bong-Bong, Honorable Rep. Imelda Marcos, the stuff of nightmares and outrage), because we give our votes to candidates because they have celebrity sisters even if they have zero experience in good and capable leadership.

So Noynoy Aquino won the elections. I’m not surprised at all — annoyed, but not surprised –and I am actually looking forward to an Aquino presidency because, well, I am certain that Noynoy Aquino will not live up to his promises and he will prove yet another idol with clay feet. Is it so bad that I am eager to see the man making a mess of the presidency? Maybe, but hey, I’m venting. Really, I can’t wait to see what Ugat-Lahi will come up with when its time to make a Noynoy effigy, and whether there will be reasons to burn it. Maybe not, maybe yes, but whatever happens, one thing’s for certain: we will be watching Noynoy closely.

He is beholden to so many financial backers among big business groups and enterprises, will he show them his gratitude first and at the expense of the Filipino people? He has already shown signs of willingness to do what the US government says, what kind of foreign policy will he implement? How will he act on the issues of foreign debt servicing, continued US interference in the country’s military, economic and political affairs, depressed wages, massive unemployment, landlessness, high and regressive taxes, and the utter lack of the most basic social services for the poor?

I am angry that he won because he did not deserve to be given the people’s trust. I am angry because the media backed him despite his poor record of public service, I am angry because they all fooled voters into believing that he is some kind of savior, I am angry because Noynoy Aquino is certain to prove to be a great disappointment and the only thing to look forward to under an Aquino presidency — given Noynoy’s antipathy towards the Left and his arrogant refusal to admit his family’s accountability for the lives destroyed in the Hacienda Luisita Massacre — are protests and rallies against more human rights violations and curtailment of civil rights. I hardly see Noynoy as a champion of the poor and their welfare. he can’t even commit to helping the farmworkers in his own backyard!

So far he has said that he will undo all of Macapagal-Arroyo’s midnight appointments and call for the reopening of the Hello, Garci scam. The question on everyone’s mind is this: will he finally address the issue of the Hacienda Luisita Massacre and finally allow the land to be given to the farmers? And will he finally agree to a psych test and admit to all and sundry what his psychological state really was prior to the elections and when he was still attending the Ateneo?

Now he’s busy thinking of his cabinet and whom to appoint to the various departments and agencies. Gudlak na lang kung sino ang ilalagay niya sa department of labor at sa department of agrarian reform. Gudlak na rin how he will repay and reward those who helped him on his campaign — the various hanger-ons, the sycophants, the flatterers who made him believe that by just thinking it (and with the help of image consultants, columnists, fashion stylists, and wig-makers) he will be a good president.

Hey, am I getting excited or what? Walang honeymoon period with the Aquino presidency! Ngayon at hanggang 2016 he will have to make good on ALL of his promises re good governance and improving the lives of Filipinos. Pag hindi daang matuwid ang dinaanan ng gobyerno niya, hala siya, matindi ang singilan! He has to produce more jobs, and ensure bigger incomes for the working people , to say nothing of improved social services. Malalaki ang mga pinangako niya, he has to live up to those promises.

The campaign Noynoy and the Liberal Party waged was dirty and despicable, and by no means did it assure those who were critical of Noynoy that he has the patience, compassion and humanity necessary to the post of president. Noynoy himself was frequently an arrogant putz. Now, sa dami ng problema na haharapin nya, if he loses his temper like he is often wont to do, what the hell will happen. How will he respond to calls for wage hikes and the scrapping of the EVAT? Can he stand up to criticism if and when he delivers a stand on the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) that goes against the call of patriotic groups? It’s also a question now if he will support calls for the resumption of peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). If he does, well, maybe there’s hope for him yet. If he doesn’t, well…

Baligtad ano, now Noynoy will have to present his program of government, his agenda for governance. The entire campaign period all he did was make promises and endorsements, but not once did he present a concrete platform. His propaganda team was composed of magicians and hypnotists because they were successful in making Filipinos ignore how he WAS COMPLETELY without a concrete platform and his work record sucked big time. We can only hope for the sake of all those Filipinos who put their trust in him and his promises that he will be different from Macapagal-Arroyo in the sense that he will not be as bad. Sorry, but that’s the most I can wish wish him. Good luck, Noynoy — you’ll freaking need it. Wishful thinking na lang that you will have the humility to listen to the demands of the progressive people’s organizations even if right now (and because of YOUR doing), they feel ill everytime they see you smile on tv as you relish your undeserved victory.

Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza did not make it to the top 12, and this is a shame, but instead of wallowing in despair (because it’s not exactly happy news, is it), I have chosen to strive for objectivity and to remember that elections in this country remain dominated by the rich and the influential, and democratic space is still very small for those who speak for the poor and defend them against ruling elite. It’s all a popularity contest, and jeez, we’re not used wearing cosmetics and showbiz proclamations. It’s also a dirty game, and we’re used to being pristine.

To be honest, from the beginning I’ve had fears that they would not win, nevermind how exceedingly qualified they are. Very limited funds and resources were the least of their problems –they also had to contend with the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ relentless black propaganda and the attacks of close military allies like Akbayan and its standard bearers.

Still and all, three million votes! That’s a lot of people supporting Ka Satur and Ka Liza and their brand of politics! If people knew how limited operational funds were (kanya-kanyang baon; volunteers had to buy the baller IDs and other election paraphernalia apart from the posters), they would be amazed at how successful Satur and Liza’s respective campaigns have actually been in reaching so many Filipinos.

I have no doubt if it were a general senate election year (24 senatorial posts open), both of them would have made it. Also, if the elections weren’t rigged (that’s another thing — I am highly skeptical that the May 10 polls are as clean as the Comelec and Smartmatic have been crowing that it is. The counting is computerized — how do we verify the numbers and how sure are we that they haven’t been monkeyed around with?), it’s certain that they would’ve gotten more votes.

I am proud to say that I voted only for Satur and Liza among all the senatorial candidates. I had to travel two hours to get to the precinct, brave the afternoon heat, almost slip on a squashed nilagang saging na saba along a dirty corridor strewn with sample ballots and various kinds of trash, and it was well worth it to be able to shade the circles next to their names.

Congratulations are well due Satur and Liza and all the people who worked hard in their campaigns, and those who braved the heat and suffered through the crowds and the chaos last May 10 just to make sure that votes are cast for the two best candidates in the 2010 senatorial elections. Congratulations to Team Satur Ocampo and Team Liza Maza, Makabayan, and all the progressive party-lists who campaigned for these two amazing individuals! For the love of Satur and Liza, for the love of the national democratic movement and the struggle for genuine social and political change, you all fought the good fight!

I do feel bad for Ka Satur and Ka Liza though because, gad, walang pahinga ang pakikibaka para sa tunay na pagbabago! The new presidency doesn’t mean things have changed and that, automatically, things will change for the better. Andyan pa si Macapagal-Arroyo and she has to be made to account for her countless crimes committed in office. Satur and Liza remain staunch members of the political opposition, and they will keep an eagle eye on the declarations, proclamations and steps of the new presidency to address this and many related issues.

Kris Aquino said previously that if her brother wins, she will leave the country and work elsewhere. Ngawa pa siya nang ngawa when she said this. Now that Noynoy is president, it’s time for Kris to pack and her bags. Gad, this is the first happy news I’ve heard in a week — the Philippines finally being rid of Kris Aquino!

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  1. I agree with everything you wrote here, but I have to say there may be a caveat to te part about Kris Aquino leaving the land now. Who knows whether she’ll make short shrift of her earlier statement and say, with that annoying smile and irritating voice and accent of hers, “Oh, that? I was only kidding. Aha-aha-aha!!”?

    Comment by Alexander Martin Remollino — May 12, 2010 @ 5:08 am

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